Monday, May 25, 2015

#whendoorknocking "what do you think is the purpose in life then?"... as he walks away yells, "RAISE HELL, RAISE CHILDREN, AND EARN MONEY!"‏

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and stories about me being born! I got your package right on my birthday. Lela so you know I did get your letter and yes i did hug the letter just like you instructed me thank you for the much needed hug =p. The cookies that were in it was just about all pixy dust and hard when I got them though, but I appreciate the thought and hope you never loose the habit of making me cookies when I get home. (Miya make me cookies =p).  I have had several people celebrate my birthday and give us stuff because of it so I have been very blessed even though I totally forgot that I was even gonna be 19.
But heres what happened this week I got my temporary companion from the MSU institute building and ditched Elder B off to let him go to the temple and go home. I had fun with the guy I was put with and we did good work together, but he really tried to take over my area and tell me how to live my life... But what ev it was only for about 3 days. I had to keep shutting him down (felt bad about it, but he was trying to take control of situations he didn't understand) 
We went over to go teach a less active member who we had been working at getting back to church and we have gotten him to church twice so far. But we went there and my companion goes off for like 10 minutes convincing this less active and setting up a scenario for us to "practice teach" him. After he finished he told me to get out a pamphlet and show him the first picture. "well..." I threw down every thing he worked for, and told them both that I did not leave Arizona to fake teach some one and have him fake respond, who actually needs to understand the gospel. It happened again later that day with a investigator who is on date to be baptized, I shut that one down too. But I learned some really good things to better my teaching from him!

On my birthday I went over to the Lansing stake center to pick up my new companion that was great. I seriously forgot it was my birthday until I saw a huge package there for me and then also every one started singing happy birthday at one point. So my new companion is Elder H, from Idaho. He is about 4 inches shorter than me and 4 days younger than me but we get along gr8 =p. I love the guy, he is so funny! He is seriously everything that I have been praying for in a companion for like the last 2 weeks of my life and is super pumped and "unspotted from the world". 
He waits for me in the morning so we can pray over our cereal together so it will "nourish and strengthen our bodies" ha ha. Hes a great missionary and does really well being out here. His only thing is he is not comfortable door knocking and when ever I try to pass the lesson on to him he just stares  and we have a awkward silence. But he has no problem talking to people he just doesn't know the lessons which makes sense.

I love doing the 12 week program to train Elder H, I learn so much from it ha ha, who knew I forget to do so much stuff when I teach!

This week I made the mistake of slipping in one of my prayers "help me develop charity"... this week has shown that Heavenly Father always answers those prayers for some reason.
We got yelled at like every day, people were trying to bash with us, and one lady yesterday started telling me how my life was and how I don't have a testimony... For real I don't have a pet named peeves, but if I did.
 Sorry this email is kinda short the elders in the Family history center keep getting me distracted, it's a "Holiday" so we all had to come up here to email since the library's are closed.

Well, I gotta go they are calling me to go ball it up in the gym
stick it to the man!
church is true!
Bye I love you
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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