Monday, May 4, 2015

"#whendoorknocking and the house your walking up to starts getting sprayed by gas by people in hasmat suits and gasmasks um...skip? YEP!"

Michigan is so beautiful right now! there is flowers every where! They are growing all over the place wildly. That and all of the trees are regaining their leaves and a lot of them are covered in flowers as well. And the weather here has been awesome too nice and gently windy and sunny. It's also fun  because all of the spiders are coming out again and we keep finding these monsters in our apartment and the game to find them on door steps is starting again. It's really interesting though when winter hits Michigan how there is no bugs or anything in any way shape or form at all.

So this week has been pretty great and we have had alot of miracles. We have gotten 6 referrals this week! I have never really even gotton 2 in a week before. 3 were from, 1 from other missionaries and the rest from members. We haven't contacted them all yet  but we've been trying. The ones we have contacted 1 wasn't interested and 2 others are super interested and we have times where we are going to teach them. We got one at like 2am last night from HQ. So we must be doing something right I guess =p.

 We were really crunching down on miles at the end of this month, In fact on the last night of the month we were within .2 miles of going over our allotted amount. And the scary part was we were just barely in town and There was no way we could get back to our apartment driving there. We went to a back road and I had my companion turn off the car and put it in neutral and then I pushed the car as fast as I could down the road (to try to make it back to the apartment, it was like 9:10 pm already) until all we had to do was drive across the main road to our apartment. So hey that one time in Mesa when we pushed Jacob Cluff's car to Mesa High from our old house prepared me for a mission! It was a killer work out doing it at that speed.  

You'd think I get burned enough to learn to go and buy some sunscreen.

This week we had whats call  "the spring fling" down in Mason and it's a huge carnival  in the grass of the courthouse (the one one that's in the movie real steel)  there were booths every where and our ward missionaries set up a family history booth for us to run. 
We had trained family history consultants with computers to teach people how to use family search and then they wanted us to get people in to talk to them. So I was on my feet from 8am to 5 pm handing out fliers and inviting people to learn about family history and the gospel. I stopped counting at 84.5 (I count ITL's using my stopwatch) and that happened like a hour in to the spring fling. there was like a two hour break before my companion just sat and counted all of the people I was inviting to learn, he counted around 208. But we ran out of fliers for family search so quick, so I started handing out pedigree charts and gave out more than 300. 
That was super healthy for the members to see that and they were really impressed and they joined in in passing out things too. We had such a good place that there were probably 1000 people who walked past us and we just dished things out and got people to those computers. And we didn't get any new investigators or appointments from it but we did get some for other missionaries.  We also had missionary pamphlets and Book of Mormons on the tables and several people took some pamphlets and it led to us getting those people to accepting to learn about the gospel.  It was fun, but I was beat after being on my feet standing in one place that whole time. All I did was stand and let people come to me, if one turned me down all I did was turn around and ask some one new.

We went to go teach a less active member on Wednesday. Oh man that got heated ha ha. We had recently taught about tithing and WoW and so I asked about how she was doing on living those commandments. And she flipped a biscuit  hard core! I wanted to leave, I almost stood up and walked out. My companion was sinking in his chair Eyes all the way open. I was done and was way ready to go. I then without thinking about it snapped back reached from my frying pan behind my back put a biscuit on and started flipping. 
Mine was different though, I didn't even realize I started talking but I kept going, I was shaking in my seat like I was shivering. I was asking questions and then using her words to bear testimony to her super boldly and telling her why we are here as missionaries. And every time she would snap back I would "create a need" and then bear testimony, until it softened her heart enough for us to teach her. We then started reading D&C 89 (word of wisdom) and I was still shaking in my seat just thinking "did that just happen?" . She wouldn't out right accept my commitment to live the Word of Wisdom, she kept beating around the bush. But as we were leaving she said she would really think about it.

We heard from our investigator T finally! well that was on Thursday and he said I am in the hospital and I am getting surgery today. and that was the last we heard from him, so I don't think he will make his date of being baptized this week.

We also put a investigator on date to be baptized. He got really excited about it and was like ya I would love to be baptized. we then set a date and as we were leaving told us to not expect him to read his scriptures every day and to go to church though..... aaaaaahhhhhhh!  It's ok we have like 2 months to work on that.  he got in a car accident that day before our lesson and it was a miracle that he was able to get out of that alive let alone without a scratch, his wife took a beating though! It was really sad when she said hi to us.

It was weird last week seeing it go from 82 degrees out to snow in the morning.

Ya cool well I guess I will "see" you soon =p. #skype

May the 4th be with you!
way to be at not getting shot! Keep it up!
love you!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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