Monday, May 11, 2015

#whendoorknocking and the door flys open when your fist hits it...the door just sat open with the house silent. I then jump a foot in the air when some one kicks the door shut and yells "No thanks"

dang it man I spent like 20 minutes writing and I accidentally hit a key combination and it erased everything and saved...........................................................................DEMOCRAT!

This has been a huge Wheat from Tares week! We got rid of 5 investigators who aren't progressing in any way shape or form. And they were all replaced by referrals, and every referrals we contacted except 1 agreed to us teaching them. The director of proselyting for the church said this and I keep thinking about it this week, "stop trying to convince people that they are prepared and start teaching prepared people". And that is basically what has been happening this week not intentionally.

I alsos forgots to when I was bearing my testimonys in my missions languages forgots to says "That's whats up" at the end of it.

One of the really prepared people we are teaching is an 11 year old girl.  Her father is not active (Hasn't been in years), but because of us coming over and teaching her and her motivation to read the Book of Mormon it has really touched her father. He came to church this week for the first time, and then so did her not active uncle and her less active grandma. All because this young girl has been meeting with us and is super excited to be baptized. That's whats up.

We were door knocking and this guy opened the door and said "it's about time I found you". Turns out he is a member who moved from California after his mother died and there was no record of him being here at all. He didn't even know there was a LDS church in the area. We came back to teaching him and he was like "Elder Crockett you look a lot like Stephan Stroove" oh man it got real! I actually studied his fighting technique for a while  since he is a tall lengthy guy (UFC fighter) but we hit it off immediately. We then taught him the Plan of Salvation because a lot of his thoughts and questions were directed to that. it was awesome seeing the spirit work on him and pull at the strings of his heart and make him remember things. We got him put on record yesterday. He is super excited to come to church and he really wants his girl friend to learn about the gospel.  

So I was thinking for my birthday mommy you could send me some tie clips, and maybe a new journal  because I am half way through the one I have right now which I just got 3 months ago. And Hamilton you mentioned to remember all of the cool stories I have so we can talk about them, I have not missed a day of writing in my journal since I left home. You could probably also send me the shirts Will got me but I don't need to carry around any winter gear now. I also lost one of the SD cards I have so I was gonna send a package with the SD card with pictures but that will have to wait. other than that use discernment (home boy Truman G. calls it dizernment) 

A member here has been harassing me because I don't milk my accent enough while door knocking. Where could I say my ancestors are from so when I get asked about it I could turn it into a family history approach.

So to tell you more about the area I am serving in Holt is like Showlow. There is only 3 main roads and it's small but the thing is the main roads lead to Lansing, which is the capital of Michigan. so it goes from a small showlow to a place just like California with the fast and the furious driving every where, intersections that have 6 different streets at 1 point. lanes that do full circles, lanes that move you into places you didn't want to go because you weren't warned in advanced enough and the traffic is killer at the moment, 2 different stop lights not 100 feet apart from each other, and pot holes and  broken street like none other. Mason is really nice though, I could live in mason if there was a temple and family who lived there.

This week we are having Transfer calls so pray for me that I get an obedient missionary who I get along with, since Elder B is going home I will get a new companion. So you wanted to know about my current companion, he is really cool, he quotes me a lot , and he drives using Cruise control every where, even in Lansing traffic. Which is scary! But we had a zone conference this week and they installed a robot in our car that monitors our driving and if we are defensive or aggressive and then reports the info to the mission office. Out of all of the bone clenching moments I have had, ever since the robot came all of that stopped =p.

We also have been teaching a less active who randomly came to church once and we have been going over ever since and it was awesome the first time he went he brought out his triple combination that had been neglected. He was at D&C 20 something, he in now at D&C 94 1 month later and is going to church and is devouring the scriptures, I love to see how the spirit is working on him.

really good things are happening! we got 2 people on date this week, 1 got food poisoning and couldn't come to church, the other came to the wrong ward on sunday. One is 78 the other is 82 years old. that's whats up =p

Well I am off to go play some ultimate Frisbee with my zone of like 35 people so I really hope it doesn't rain to hard.

Bye I love you have a good day, it was super healthy to see you,
don't get shot!
that's whats up
-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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