Monday, April 20, 2015

#whendoorknocking and you hear nothing, knock again, and you hear some one yell "no ones home!" =p‏

I love how in Michigan the ground is squishy. I love it! It is endless entertainment when every time you walk through the grass and you can feel the ground moving with the movement of your body. It's not like squishy that makes a noise or like mud, but it is like a dry squishy if that makes sense. Its totally not like the dry ground down in Mesa that's for sure.

All of the trees are starting to get their leaves back and some wild flowers are now appearing in the grass and trees are now blooming =p. I am really excited to see the thick green forests again.

You know your apartment used to belong to sister Missionaries when you find a stash of bath and body works lotion.=p  I love how it smells, I hope people don't recognize me smelling a little flowery now ha ha.

SO this week was Number one!

I loved being our in Charlotte we saw some really great things happen. We went to go teach a investigator who has been taught Loads apparently and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put her on date. And gave her a blessing so she could stop smoking. I didn't know she was taught a whole lot but Elder N was flipping a biscuit after we put her on date. 
I also loved how in Charlotte a train would pass the missionaries house every half hour, it was so much fun I ran out side every time I could to look at the train that was going by, the tracks are only like 20 feet away from their house. It was really funny because at night I would be dreaming and then all the sudden a train would pass and randomly a train would appear in my dreams =p it was great! 
It was also hilarious because it was super hot in the room and it woke me up in the middle of the night and heard "heavenly father... please help me...." Elder N was laying down and praying in his sleep ha haha! I just reverently laid there until he closed the prayer "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!" and I vocally said "amen" with him, and could not stop giggling.=p What a good district leader. 
I am going back to Charlotte today for trade offs again. I get to be with Elder N a missionary who has been out for 3 weeks and I have to drive every where since he doesn't have his driving privileges yet, It will be fun! No GPS, No knowledge of the area, on both parts, I am excited for that adventure.

But in our area we had a killer week! We had 10 Member present lessons this week, 3 investigators at church and 6 less actives come to church! It was sick. 
We looked in our records and for more than the past 3 years there has not been a week like this in our area! We also Put T on date to be baptized. after that lesson we set up a appointment for 2 days later and that was a huge miracle when we taught him the word of wisdom and he committed to giving up smoking with out us having to rebuttal or anything. He just humbly accepted and he told us at church that he put out his last cigarette and that he will never buy one again. 
And I believe him because he is not in a good financial situation to continue to smoke if he wants a change of location, life style, and a car. That experience where the people stole EVERYTHING(!!!!!) from him changed his life. I forgot to mention last time that since they kicked down his door it doesn't latch to the wall any more. So he screwed 2 metal hooks to the wall and found a 4 by 4 to block the door like a castle door, it's really cool looking but it's really sad. And yesterday at church he was volunteering to help with several service projects that was brought up and he got phone numbers and people got his to keep him in the loop on whats happening. We taught him the law of Tithing yesterday and he accepted our commitment and that really touched me how dedicated he was to living that. Later in the day I was really feeling the spirit and I saw him as a member in several years happy and changed and strong.

Did I tell you about the lesson where we were thrown down on by a atheist for more than a hour straight and the only reason why it ended was because Elder B bore his testimony and he cried during it? That made him feel SOOOO bad he felt guilty for a whole week and would stay up at night just feeling guilty that he made Elder B cry (even though it was just him really feeling the spirit, I felt it, it was strong!). Well we went back and Brought Bro F one of the ward missionaries with us and he is a PMG RM and a convert to the church and didn't really believe in God his whole life, he also almost has a PHD. Oh man! that lesson was great! We didn't even share anything but when the atheist started explaining his beliefs Bro F threw down! And it was super personal and there was no denying any of it, and he used scientific lingo to help explain and validate his testimony. It was sick! For the first time our investigator seemed to have a strong desire to act on our teachings and keep commitments!   

We saw so many miracles this week I can not be grateful enough. One of the less actives that came to church is the grandfather of the 11 year old we have on date to be baptized. We went over to their house to make sure he would bring her to church and he refused and went off a little on how he doesn't need to. That got me. I wouldn't say I got mad but I shot back boldly and almost commanded him. I said " the name of Jesus Christ I promise you...."  and made a super bold promise of blessings that were super applicable to him knowing that it would happen. He came to church for the first time in years =p.  During the meetings he slipped out and went to his brand new car to listen to country music. After church his car would no longer start ha ha. I don't think God was really happy with that decision. =p

I am stoked for Jesus ball today! I am ready to go dunk on some more Elders. And to see more trains =p 

I gotta go, Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't Get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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