Monday, April 13, 2015

#whendoorknocking and you wait, and wait, and you hear the deadbolt lock and some one sneak away =p

I loved all of those emails about our family getting sealed and Suanna's baptism and Lacey's baby blessing! I do wish I could have been there, But you know. Church is still true =p. But all I can say is Congrats I hope it was Refreshing ha ha ha ha ha!

So today is Number 1! We were in Meijer shopping (like like Michigan's walmart) and we were walking until Elder B saw boxes of cereal that said 'Star Wars Posters inside"!!! I Freaked out! It was like Christmas! We left with 12 boxes of cereal ha ha =p. It really was like Christmas opening all of those though and getting the different posters. I was so excited, They are so cool!

Sunburns for days! But the beauty of it is that will change, We got the call with how many miles we are allotted for the month and we were expecting to have to do an extra car fast day because we went over on miles but no, even though the whole zone is having to cut down they gave us 200 more than what we were previously allotted! =p I am so grateful for that!

Michigan is really interesting right now, we had a awesome rain storm and so many worms came out of the ground! They all wiggled onto the pavement and it was impossible not to walk on them, I am pretty sure that they are going straight to the celestial kingdom though you know because we had to kill them to do the Lords work and all. 
That and there is frogs galore around, walking next to huge patches of trees is really funny because you can hear hundreds of them, and occasionally a squished one on the road and side walk. We were walking on Saturday and I saw a little fur in front of us, Michigan side walks are really funny because they randomly end and then start again, right when the side walk ended there was the fur in the grass. We walked up to it and saw it was a skunk and booked it to the other side of the road. It was a Saturday too so if we got that on us we would have to walk like 3 miles back to the apartment, last time I crossed a skunk it was bad news for the whole mission, there was no way I was doing that again. 
This week we got a referral from the Portland sisters. That was a huge miracle. They already set up a appointment for us and so we showed up. That was a super humbling experience. T was door knocked into by Sister W and she gave him their number and said if he needed help to call them. He put that number in his phone and he went on with life. 
He was forced to break ice in front of his apartment building with a hammer, 4 inches of it. by the time he was done his hand he was using to brace himself was super swollen and then he heard a crack. He went to the hospital and had his broken bones tended to and while he was there he had a nurse tell him that the police called and said that his house was broken into. He returned home to nothing. His dead bolt was drilled through, and the other door after that was kicked down. 
He had no stove, no carpet, no dishes or silver ware, no bed, no food, no clothes, no furniture of any kind, any thing and EVERYTHING was gone. All he had was the supplies he was given by the hospital and the clothes on his back. He no longer could go to work because his uniform was gone, he had just spent 5 thousand dollars fixing up his and the rest of the apartments in his building because his land lord promised to repay him, he got nothing back.
He had nothing except his cell phone that he had with him and that he took from the hospital. When me and Elder B went for the appointment and we got inside all that was there was a bed and mattress a friend gave him and a rug on the floor. I cry just thinking about it.  He was in such a bad position in life he had the thought to call Sister W and ask for help and for us to share our message. Me and T sat on the bed and Elder B on the rug on the floor and we shared our message. 
I have never felt the spirit so strongly before we said the opening prayer in my life, in any lesson. He said when I offered one "I think my house has room for a book" with a smile on his face. That lesson made his day, more than that. The fact that he was no longer alone and could actually laugh with some one meant the world to him.

We called the next day to get him a ride to church we spent 2 and a half hours calling for that ride. We finally got a call back and he agreed on taking T to church. Turns out Bro S already knew T, and he had met him years back when he came to our church randomly. He loved church. We have since taught him the plan of Salvation and our Ward mission leader Bro. A sat on the bed with T while we taught from the floor. We had dinner at Bro A's house later that night and he filled a garbage bag of stuff for us to give to T. I gave a shirt and tie, same with my companion for his work uniform.  

We have a lot of things happening this week! and we have gotten the members to trust us a lot more than missionaries have been trusted in the past... Out Big goal we are pushing for is 10 member present lessons which is unheard of in the past 7 months here. But we did a lot of planning and it's gonna happen. We have averaged probably 2 a week last transfer so we are going hardcore parkor!

I get to go to Charlotte tonight for trade offs I am excited to be by the train tracks and have them interrupt everything ha ha. And I really hope I get to go down Sheldon St., everytime they go down it people yell at them, I love their Sheldon St. Stories.

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
To Jesus Ball We go!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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