Monday, December 1, 2014


I have basically have no time at all today I am leaving to Mt. Pleasant in not even a hour because Elder W got transferred,  hes going to be companions with Elder C one of my best friends in the MTC. I am SUPER EXCITED to get my new companion! His name is Elder A, and hes been out about 6 months, he is pretty tall (not like me tall though) and thats about all I know about him.

Yesterday was so great we were going and Elder W was saying good byes to people and he thought to go see two of our investigators who are always super busy and never are home because of all of the schooling and all of the jobs they are working, we got there we had a thanks giving meal with them. But the cool part of it was that D wanted to go to church the day before but when it came to Sunday something happened and he didn't come I forget what he said but his wife wanted him to invite us over for dinner when he saw us there at church. since he didn't come he didn't invite us over, but then all the sudden we showed up there for dinner =p. 
They are graduating from college in a week or so and they will have lots more free time so they really want to see us again, we didn't even have to ask they asked us to come back. It was pretty sick they thought it was so cool how we were totally guided to go over there at that exact time.  We then had dinner at the Sr Missionaries house not even a hour later, oh man I was dead they fed us some amazing clam chowder and steak! Dude I get fed so much, My life is to hard! =p

Thanksgiving here didn't seem like thanksgiving at all, but I ate my fill. I spent most of the day walking through snow in my new snow boots.

That is SO COOL that Miranda wants to serve a mission! I am so happy for her, it really will change not only her life but hundreds of peoples lives, I've already seen my mission have huge impacts on people and myself as well.

We have a investigator who we finished all of the lessons with and says he will be baptized, it's just he wants to feel that confirming witness that the Holy Ghost will provide him, we've really been working on helping him understand the Holy Ghost and how it speaks to people, and you can tell that he is feeling it it's just getting him to recognize that he is feeling it. He got super sick and didn't come to church yesterday because he was in the E.R. which he felt really bad about he loves the feeling he gets at church (...THAT'S THE SPIRIT!), 
We went and gave him a priesthood blessing yesterday and taught him a little about what it is and how it works. I am Praying so hard that he heals quickly and that he felt the spirit when we gave it to him, he is right there on the edge of baptism, and I am so excited for him! I love him so much, he will really help build the kingdom here!

I gotta go, But I love you all! I'll send a letter home to make up for this little baby email.
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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