Monday, November 24, 2014

Soon to be 3 Months‏

On thanksgiving day I will officially be out on a mission for 3 months. 
Today it is 50 degrees! which is a huge change from two days ago it was in the low 10's for all of the week and then all the sudden there is just loads of water every where. I have never experience the ABS system on a car before this week when I was sliding to a stop man that was freaking trippy! I had no clue what the car was doing but one of the Elders in Gaylord  told me that it's all natural and stopped the car before any damage happened.

One thing I find funny about Michigan is just how serious people are about hunting, My neighbors family has gotten 13 deer this season (DNR officer so they get special privileges) But I think it's super funny how every hunter has these ridiculously huge freezers and they have multiple of them just for the deer meat.

I like it how here in the branch in the sacrament preparation room there is a tie rack for all of the people who don't come in ties and a white shirt so there is no excuses for not being able to do the sacrament.
I met a Member on Sunday who was 104 years old, it was Ants man!

We went to Mt. Pleasant for the Elder Nash training but Elder Nash got a emergency reassignment and he couldn't come but I wasn't even mad because all of the speakers who did give training did a killer job at it and the spirit was super strong and i learned alot!
Transfer calls are on the 28th and I may or may not have a new companion next Tuesday

Since Thanksgiving is coming up I would like to say a few things that I am thankful for

I am thankful for being in such a beautiful place where every time I get to go out side it is like a treat even with the snow, especially with snow at times.

I am Very thankful for a good healthy body and I grow more appreciative of that almost daily

I am thankful for this beautiful promised land of AMERICA and i love what 1 NE 13 says about it.

I am so grateful for guardian angles for when you don't know how to drive in the snow and you are sliding

I am thankful that I get to be out here serving people and making a diffrence in peoples lives even when it's just small acts of service

I am thankful that Alpena gets like no snow compared to Gaylord or to Sault St. Marie  (the Sr. Missionaries truck from Gaylord when we did trade backs this week was quite a sight with almost like a flame job done on it but it was like a half a inch thick of ice and then there was just snow piled all over it.)
And i am so thankful for all of the things I have learned from loved ones who are erry where in the world at this point.                     
i am very thankful for S choosing to be baptized this Saturday, I spoke at his baptism about the gift of the holy ghost, We had the baptism in the Branch Presidents indoor pool, I was one of the witnesses to make sure he went under. My companion got dressed up in his whites to help S into the water since he only has one leg, but that wasn't really necessary so he was just kinda chilling in the pool
I am also very thankful for Sr. Missionaries, man I don't know what I would do If I havn't had the W's or the S's around. They are such good examples to me and they are all so Christlike and give and help every one with as much as they can. They really help all forms of missionary work so much we are constantly hearing from them for people who would benefit form a visit with us, they come out with us when we have a lesson scheduled super early and no member can make it out to help us. 
They Feed us, they drive us to super far out places for meetings, and they really help the branch grow closer and strengthen it. Dad Elder W's company that he shares built the Tempe Town lake Bridges! It was hilarious the S's told the W's that I have two hollow legs that are impossible to fill up with food and during the training down in Mt. Pleasant all of the missionaries were eating Lasagna and some table didn't finish their tray and Elder W picked it up looked at me and we both nodded and I got the rest of it. It was hilarious how in sync it was.
On the subject of Sr. Missionaries helping us with lessons at early hours the W's came with us to this potentials house and we started teaching the first lesson. And Elder W served in Australia before but This was sister W's first mission. And man that was such a good lesson it was all going perfectly, Me and my comp were in perfect harmony on teaching and the questions the now investigator was giving was perfect and Elder W was doing really good teaching certain concepts and we were all teaching really good to his needs. The only problem was We didn't get Sister W to speak up much other than to read scriptures and she also bore a really good testimony at the end. We got out of there and she was jumping for joy on how well that went and she was saying how exciting it is to finally fulfill her dream of being a missionary, in the car she said "Man I really need to practice teaching more".... and I thought she was going to say something she did bad but then she said "It was impossible to say anything, I couldn't stop crying! , the spirit was so strong, My testimony was growing just sitting there!" ha ha It's so funny how enthusiastic she is and how happy she is to be on a mission.

Sr. Missionaries are great I have so much Respect for them because they seem to sacrifice even more than regular missionaries to come out and to do work.
Bye i love you have a good day! don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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