Monday, December 22, 2014

Catching Fire

I realized all of the pictures I take are all super detailed and they are cool but when you zoom in they are like 12 times better.

Man they need to make a collapsible electric cello, I was thinking about that the other day and they do that with guitars they need to do that for a cello so i could play, I have heard a few cellos in the music on the Ipod and I really want to play one resonantly.

So I had a interview with my Mission president this week and I found out that I am the reason why this whole mission is why we do car fasts on Saturday. After our car got put in the shop and we 
had to ride bikes every where I loved it and saw many miracles because of it and I talked it all up in a email to my mission president and then that inspired him and got him to come up with the idea that we shouldn't drive as much. =p I'm gonna be selective about who I tell that to because It will probably get alot of missionaries ticked ha ha ha.

Also speaking about the Miracles that came from the car crash I am still seeing the impacts of that. I don't know If I told you about the guy who saw us riding bikes and then a few hours later I knocked on his door and said like 6 words and he let me in and we taught him a beautifully golden lesson. Well I havn't been able to contact him since, UNTIL NOW! 
On friday we traded back from our trade offs and Me and Elder A just like caught on fire we had the spirit with us and we got super over the top pumped! WE BURNED a trail every where we went that day. 
I felt like we needed to go to the Branch mission leader's house so I drove us to Hillman and we helped him out around in his back woods house and then we talked to him about missionary work and we shared with him what we call "The Vision" It is a super inspired plan that Elder A just threw out to me while we were on the way to Hillman and it turned out that I was studying near the exact same thing in the Scriptures and PMG and then we were overwhelmed by the spirit and we got super pumped.We shared this with Bro W and I have never seen him so excited about missionary work, He was burnin up he was like itchin to go and share the gospel.
from there we felt like we needed to visit another member in the area so we did and we found out that their basement was flooded and we spent some good time with them (their basement floods just like our does but it gets alot more, we spent like all of Saturday with a shop vac dumping gallons and gallons of water out of there to watch it still come through the cracks of the concrete) But we had to reschedule a teaching appointment because of it and so we drove down to Alpena and we were about to drive all the way down to Harrisville and we got a call from that investigator wanting a rain check, So i am super glad we set it aside because that 40 minute drive down to harrisville for nothing would have sucked. 
I then had a thought, to see that family that I door knocked into when we had no car and we got in and taught a even more golden of a lesson where at one point they explained to us the Word of Wisdom pretty much, and their idea of what happened before and after this life was a piece of the truth, and it was awesome getting to explain that they were right, but there was more!  
I then felt like we should go and try to contact a referral we got asking for a bible a while back and he was like impossible to contact me and Elder W tried to contact him like 12 times. But Elder A and I contacted him a while back and gave him a Book of mormon and a bible. We went there that night and he was super excited to see us and he told us to come back in a hour and so we did. And that lesson was even more Golden! He was devouring the book of mormon, he loved it! He was like bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the book of mormon to me and Elder A. He is in his 40's and he is dying of cancer. And that is why he ordered a bible from for free because he wanted to make things right with God. And then we came and we found that out and we shared with him the plan of Salvation....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That lesson was number 1. it was so cool! 
He had no doubt that that was Gods plan for him, I felt like i needed to so I did it, I invited him to be baptized and he accepted. He then said "wait you guys don't have the proper priesthood authority do you? you aren't the pastor of your church you're to young" And then I have never even heard of some one actually having the chance to use this and I was talking to several missionaries who are going home at the end of this transfer who never had heard of any one actually using this as well. Elder A Whooped out his Ministerial Certificate and the guy was Amazed when he read that we have that Authority and then saw the signature of the Prophet. 
Oh man that was a good day! It seemed that that fire that we had with us caught on every one else we met with and every one was just getting super pumped. I think this area is about to explode with work, we keep seeing Miracle after miracle here it is amazing, I just begged my mission president not to transfer me because I foresee like 6 baptisms in the next 4 months. 

For Christmas Eve we are going down to Mt. Pleasant for a half mission Christmas party so all of the missionaries from the Traverse city zone and the Middland zone and the Lansing zone will be there =p. I AM SUPER STOKED! I know for a fact that I will get to see a few more people from my MTC district that I haven't seen since I left the mission home. Every district has to perform a musical number and every one in Gaylord tapped out saying none of them can do anything, so it fell over here for our district, Elder A is really musically talented too but he just got sick and sounds worse than a chain smoker. and we still need to plan it out hymn 112 is what our plan is right now but I may or may not be going Solo in front of 80 missionaries at least...........

So for Christmas I have 3 meal appointments... We had 4 but we decided to tap out  on one of them who would have over fed us as it is. But we are opening Christmas presents at the Whites in the morning and being fed for one of them. I realized that tis the season for Ugly sweaters and the weather permits it and I havn't been rocking one yet so i bought one at good will today. And Since we do our laundry at the "White house" I have showed up there in a different outfit every single time today ha ha ha
Aight well I gotta go Ill talk to you soon! Christmas!  Be there! Come prepared to talk it up.
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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