Monday, December 15, 2014

Single Speed Saturday

I am always amazed how many people I meet from Arizona up here, I have made hundreds of connections with people just because every one up here at one point of time viewed Arizona as the Celestial kingdom and they moved down and back or they are Snow birds and go down there as much as possible. But I swear I was prepared for Michigan ages ago, and the people here were prepared for me. I mean look at my tooth! =p

I have been in a really good mood basically always recently, my Jamm sessions to no music at all have been most excellent the past two weeks.
This week one of the members (the one who has us pray for his cat that ran away) was sent to the hospital, and we went and visited him and had to get dressed up in loads of doctor gear because of the illness he had was contagious or something. We went over and read him a chapter in the Book Of Mormon and he gave us a few things to do for him. One was to pick him up some fish food from Gaylord (70 Miles away, but we got it when we went to go to our district meeting over there) and he wanted us to call him from his house phone and let him talk to his cat. 
We did what he  asked us to do and I held his cat in my lap and we called him and it was really sweet hearing him a have a conversation with ... nothing, the cat was purring because I was petting it but that was it. He was really grateful though that he got to talk to his Cat =p.
We had our branch Christmas party this week and we had 42 people there and 7 of them were in Wheel chairs! It was really fun but I was conducting the music and helping people who were in wheel chairs so I didn't really get to eat more than a piece of Ham. 
This Saturday since we don't drive on Saturdays we planned on contacting less actives and that was an awesome plan  that we set up. But Man It was SO HOT! I was in my regular door knocking gear but with the Lama hat from Denton on. I was sweating hard core! I had to keep on taking off my gloves and my hat and scarfs and jacket to not die. I was riding a single speed bike and we had to keep romping over snow banks and we were riding constantly through ice and mud that wasn't frozen and we rode I don't even know how many miles. 
And basically all of our plans fell through. Our bikes took a Beating! We took a beating! we were covered in Mud and were super sore, we hit the couches and were done for after we planned that night.
Yesterday we were trying to contact some of the people we were assigned to as Home teachers and so we went down south to Ossineke and Harrisville and man we were in straight up back woods and there was no one around for miles. to get to one of the Less active member houses (every on our list is a less active) we had to go through a forest. 
Now in Michigan they used to cut loads of lumber and send it elsewhere which makes sense, there is a tree every 3 feet in the woods and after that area was cleared the companies would plant trees all at the same time and so there is alot of trees that are the exact same type and height in some parts of the woods, 
there was one of those on the way through to this members house and it was on a dirt road that wasn't even 6 feet wide and there is things every where in the way and so we went super slow. But Since the trees were all planted at the same time all of the branches were dead except the ones near the top and so there was no branches on any of the trees except the top ( i have a pic of it in the light) But Man that is the freaking Slender man forest at night! 
I thought of that and said it and my companion started freaking out. we both got chills and were dying we had to get out of there! that was all we could think of the whole drive back after the visit, we went faster the second time =p.
I love Elder A, we get along SO well. we were out in the middle of no where in the farm land areas and you could see straight down the street for miles on both ways and there was no one, and so I turned left and stayed on the wrong side of the road for a while and yelled "FIRE POINTS!" I quickly moved to the right lane and he was like "NO WAY YOU PLAYED BURNOUT AS WELL!?!" ha ha ha I have never actually met some one before now who has actually played that game except our family it was awesome.
In my many journeying to different city's this week I thought about scary things like when I fell from a tree 12 feet in the air head first last year and didn't even get scratched when I hit the ground, or when..... I have a few other stories like that from before my mission that it really makes me feel sick thinking about just because I should have been really hurt or something, and I made me think of so many Miracles that has happened in my life to just get me here where I am today.
Me and My companion Jam out to "How great thou art" By Elvis  all the time ha ha =p, He doens't like anything but classical for the most part but I have gotten it so that is always stuck in his head.
Well Bye I love you have a good day! I gotta go! Don't Get shot! (or go into the slender man Forrest)
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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