Monday, December 8, 2014

Frozen Glass Wave Attack‏

Well I have a new companion, his name is Elder A he is from North of ogden Utah,I love the kid to death he is so great! He is only about 2 inches shorter than me. Oh but man he is great he is basically like Napoleon Dynamite just he doesn't dress dorky well i guess I only see him in a white shirt and a tie. But man I love it he is such a nerd! I can relate to him so well. What i think is hilarious is day one he said " don't take offense if I don't talk to you to much I am a quiet guy, I don't hate you I just don't talk alot". But After I saw a stack of pokemon cards in his suit case...=p.

We never have anytime that we aren't talking I swear I have talked more this week with him than I did the past 2 transfers with my last comp. Dude he is such a nerd! I love it so much!!! We are out door knocking and he tells me all of these great things about the deep doctrine of Lord of the Rings, and we have had many Star wars conversations, He even told me that he took a Anatomy class just so he could learn of the real body structure of humans and animals so it would help him with the drawings of mythical creatures that he likes to draw =p. 

His Ideology of missionary work is just like mine though and we have been working hard! We have been using every single moment of our time effectively and it is amazing to see the "fruit" of it all. I also really like his mind set on several other things, we tend to be thinking the same exact thing quite often. Forrealzies he is basically every thing that I've been praying for in a companion for the past few weeks.

This morning we put our laundry in the wash and we could hear Lake huron really loud and so we went up to the docks to go and check it out and MAN! Lake Huron is mad! 
For the first time there is waves that you could surf on but they are a little to scary for me to want to surf on them seeing as they crash into rocks and ice. But it is SO beautiful out there! the waves pushing against the beach caused ice to build up the beach is like 20 feet longer than it used to be of all ice but it all looks like pieces of glass either in piles of oval shaped or they look like huge panes of glass and they stick out like death spikes out of the water. 
We were walking down the break wall and admiring the icicles hanging from the metal railings and then the waves came crashing into the break wall throwing water and ice at us and we just booked it! it turned into temple run. The waves were plowing into the break wall throwing water and ice up 12 feet in the air and over the break wall. And the waves exploded at us to our sides we made it to the end where the waves couldn't beat but there was no way to get off from there so we had to sprint back through all of this ice on the concrete that was in clear glass oval shapes that went half way up my calf. I was super fun =p Good rush we would have been freaking freezing if we were hit by one of those waves.

We've been doing some finding out in the back woods of Hillman, we stumbled upon a small community a few miles out of there and we door knocked it. I have finally met a bearded lady! Oh man it was great She had more facial hair than I have ever seen dad have.=p

It hasn't been snowing up here this past week, but all of the ground is basically ice but it's good because it makes driving at least 84 and a half time safer when there isn't a foot of snow on the road.  What I think is cool is how some people didn't rake up their leaves and then the snow piled on top of it and then a while later that snow was moved and you can see stain marks from the colored leaves on the side walks! It's like some one was stamping the side walks with paint.

 I love those Kid quotes that you sent me, They are so weird and cute =p. I also like how Emma like the "Birdy song" Black bird is one of my favorites it always reminds me of Dad, Uncle Jared, Michael, and Jeff all around a camp fire jamming on their guitars while we were out on one of the Dude fishing trips.

Whelp I gotta Go. Bye I love you have a good day, don't get impaled by an ice wave =p

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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