Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ANOTHER surprise email!

I am so glad to hear from all of you guys!!!
 I started tearing up when you told me of the boys in School and  "picking locks". 
i love3 it here in the MTC though and to be 100 percent honest I haven't really missed home, But i've missed the people back at home alot! 
But this place is awesome I have already have had several great adventures, I just sent a letter to you guys today it will probably be there in 2 days, I'm sorry because I wrote most of my things in the letter that I sent home to you It's like 5 pages hahaha! I am just doing my laundry right now and they allow us to check our emails which i didn't know so I don't have anything written down to send home. 
 Hamilton's Star Destroyer doesn't exist any more. Me and my Comp. snuck into 13M where Hamilton hid it  in room 311 but there was a room 310 and a room 312 but no 311? I was so confused. So i looked around and there was a place where there were couches inbetween the two rooms and they have been ripping out the ceilings and walls of room 111, 211,311,411, in all buildings and adding couches and redoing it so theres no tiles to hide things any more. 
Well Dad every one in my district loves playing basket ball and man we have all gotten a lot better at it than we were when we started, we play every day 3 on 3 and it is the best! I am always the first pick no matter what ha ha ha! They love how I guard people and how i can always catch the ball before every one and put the ball in with out them being able to block unless im dribbling towards the hoop. 
Man it's awesome how much the spirit is with me and My companion Elder T when we teach and man we taught a real investigator yesterday and she KNEW the bible and when she tried to put a spin on a example my companion gave to kinda make the example not be credible but them after she talked I flipped right to the perfect page and just saw the perfect thing and So I read it to her and then I started testifying of my testimony of the book of mormon and I can tell she felt something, 
My companion started bearing his testimony of it right after me and she was looking at us differently. She had a calm loving look, almost as if she could see our testimonies with in us. After that she didn't put a spin like that on anything we said she listened and asked questions when she was confused. Right after us the sisters were going in and I had to tell them to give her a good passage of scripture to invite her to read just so she will start to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon like she has of the Bible. 
So every one in my district is picking up on more of my slang and weird things that I do like all of the sisters flick their hand like I do when I say "YE!" Theres alot more than that but I forgot to put that one in the letter. You know it's really funny because I already Feel like I have grown alot, and I wish that I never had to sleep here and that I can just continue to learn how to teach ,because teaching a good lesson with the spirit guiding you through all of the things that you've been taught is the freaking best! 
Man I need some super glue though when I was working on the Gazebo my drill missed the screw it and ripped off a chunk of the skin on my thumb. That was on the 25th and it is now just a cut on my thumb that keeps ripping open and bleeding every time we go ball it up on the court. Also can I have some more LONG black socks all of the new  ones I brought (the ones from Seagull) show my ankles and it kills me. 
We get mail here every day so if you wanna send me something you can always Dear Elder some letters to me. K well my comps are dying to go play some ball and have me dunk on them so Imma go, my laundry is now done to so BYE Love You!!! Read your scriptures! The Church is true! Little kids, take a bath I can smell you from here! =p
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett      

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