Friday, September 5, 2014

The fighting Elder

I got that letter from you Mom yesterday about the Foster kids and This huge wave of peace and joy came over me I was sitting on my top bunk and one of the elders was like " Elder Crockett, Your glowing dude! What was in that letter?" They all thought that was the coolest news ever. I went in the shower after that and while i was just smiling about it the thought came to me " your family can now be together Forever" I could not control myself I just wept in the shower for like 5 minutes. I came back into my room and I told every one else about that and they all wrote about it in their journals, The spirit was super powerful in there for the rest of the night! 

(from Jenn -the letter said that our adoption lawyer called to let us know that all our paperwork is done and we have an adoption day of November 21st for Susie, Denny and Robby.  That date will likely change either forward or back depending on when the appeal is processed)

I had the opportunity to go to the Provo Temple today and man it is a very pretty temple. One thing that I loved about it though was there was a picture of Mary and Joseph holding the baby Jesus and then a Bearded Man in all white was holding him too. I thought that was super neat painting because I always knew God had an awesome White beard! =p I was so close to saying everything by myself in the temple today, I messed up on one word! I realized I have such a hard time pulling myself away from the temple. If I could I would stay in it for hours and hours.     

I looked at my self in the Mirror at the temple and for the first time, I saw a Missionary.

I meant to try and send some pictures here but these computers have extreme fire walls against that and when i tried to type in a command they redflagged my computer and said I would loose all privileges if I continued.

 Well So Mommy you know how I said I haven't gotten in in fight with any elders yet.... Well.....  One of our good friends from another district came in and started rear naked choking my companion. And in the white  Bible it says that you are responsible if you don't defend your companion. So I "showed" Elder Shelly how to do a real rear naked choke, I picked him up off of the ground by his throat. I only held it for 1, 2,3,4,5,6 seconds or so before i dropped him. He then ran out of our room, and ever since then he hasn't given any of us any garbage at all and he never steps a foot past our doorway. =p

Well because of this people in his district found out about my whole Brazilian Ju-Jitsu thing and all the sudden I was challenged by this one elder who thought he could take me. We were having a really good conversation about wrestling and than all of the sudden he faked me out which made me flinch and then he single legged me and took me to the ground. I then pulled guard on him and then monkey climbed up his back to pull him super close to me and then I took my shoes off so i could actually do something. He was tapping out to a triangle choke in under 20 seconds.

I then was challenged by a elder who took 3rd in state in wrestling he didn't take me by surprise though. He single legged me and then I pulled guard and then I almost finished a armbar on him but he stacked me so i switched it to a triangle choke and he was really good at applying pressure to me and he stuffed my left arm so i couldn't get the proper angle to finish him. He broke out and then it went into this weird north south position where he tried like 4 submissions on me which he didn't know how to finish. He locked up and just stalled, we were there for like 2 minutes so I called off the fight. Man I felt horrible after that because all of the elders that were leaving was giving my district tons of cookies and brownies and stuff so I almost threw up on the kid during the fight when he tried some type of submission on my back but he was just squeezing my stomach.

All of those Elders are gone now though and my Zone leaders when around and told all of the new districts not to mess with me because they wouldn't be the first elders I beat up on. So every one in 12M is super nice ha ha ha! So ya Hamilton I don't have to whoop out PMG to tell them to repent, all of the Elders here are super chill now. 

Yesterday I had a meeting with about 200 other Elders and it was 9 hours long! Man that was ... And because of it me and my comp had no time to study for our lesson that we were going to be teaching to our TRC investigator. We went straight from a class to the Lesson with the investigator. We had NO PLAN. We got there a little late and there was a few sisters in there with our Investigator already so we knocked and in like 6 minutes they came out. Instead of the regular 25-30 minutes that I had we had 13 minutes left.

Our investigator has a strong testimony of the Bible (shes a real one, I found that out, shes not a actor) And she likes to ask big profound questions about things that people don't normally think about. I went in there and she asked one and i said "I am sorry we are on a tight schedule, but heres what you can do with your questions" and then I whooped out Jacob chapter 4:6 and then just opened my mouth and the spirit guided everything I said. My comp (who has been super sick and was barely saying anything) then Whooped out another scripture and then bore testimony and then I bore testimony and invited her to come up with these questions but to write them down and search the Book of Mormon to find the answers to them. We then knelt and she said the prayer. DANG! I almost cried because how powerful the prayer was, She felt something and I know it.

The people who taught her after me are the 3 sisters in my district and they said that she was struggling in the next lesson because she knew that she felt something different and it testified of the Book of Mormon. Every one else had a lesson prepared before they went in their lessons, and me and my comp went in prepared with the spirit. And every one told us how bad their lesson turned out after wards, I said like 9 prayers to thank Heavenly father for all that he gave me in that short time. 

Man so I have been so blessed here! I really prayed for a good companion and a good district before I came and I got much more than I pleaded for! I love all of these Elders and Sisters here.  Elder C when we got back from the Temple stated that he needed a blessing to help him focus on the Mission and forget home. I felt that I was going to be the one to say it so I read the verbage and then Elder C came up to me and asked me to give him one. There are several Elders in my district that haven't ever given a blessing and so they wanted to get a good view of me and they focused on ever single thing I did. Elder C Came up from the chair afterwards and told me how powerful it was and that it was more than perfect for what he needed. 

Miya, I think you'll have a son.=p

Hannah it's really funny here in the MTC because my district gets easily distracted and so we loose people often, when ever some one is lost they throw up their goose until they spot mine. ha ha ha =p

Man I have been memorizing things like none other here, I don't mean to it just happens and then when the spirit is with me I straight up remember almost all 76 scripture masteries that I memorized the year before I came here. I definitely think that was a inspired thing on my bucketlist. And man because I spent all of that time memorizing scripture masteries It's so easy for me to remember the outlines of lessons and such and so when ever I go in a lesson I don't need anything besides my scriptures unlike every other Elder or Sister in my district who has to take notes and draw out a outline for everything. Sorry I feel like I am now boasting but it's true learning all of those scripture masteries has helped alot in several ways (hint hint , Ella)

Alright well I gotta head out I have a appointment at the salon so i can look super attractive when I head out of here. My waves of the ocean on my head are back!

Aight well I'm heading out of the MTC on wednesday at 4:30 am for my flight, so if you wanna reach me My P day will probably be monday but you can always "Dear Elder" me somethin.

I love you all!!!! Good luck! Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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