Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Michigander Tomorrow!

NO WAY!!! Dang it sounds like things over there has been pretty insane! It's been raining a little bit up here but I can't even imagine that at all! Well I hope you have power tomorrow because I am allowed to call tomorrow before I leave Salt lake City. Well i guess it doesn't really matter since all of you now have some far out new phones, just make sure to send me you number to call through Dear elder or a email I think we're going to check again later today because several of us in my district needs to come back to finalize calling plans with their parents. We get on the plane at 8:30 but I hear we will be at the airport at like 6:30 I don't know the Arizona time for that I guess i'd be at the airport at 5:30 for you guys. But yah expect a call I already bought my call card. 
So do you remember how I talked about giving that blessing to Elder Clark? Well heres Part 2 of that story from when I left the computer lab. Me and him was walking back to our "home base" and he was like "I really appreciate that blessing that you gave me, I already feel a great difference, And I think that you set a really good example for all of the other Elders in our district Because they were really focused on how I gave one." Well he was totally right. 
Several hours later me and my companion Elder T to teach our real investigator and I went in and the spirit was immediately gone when I started the lesson. I had no clue what was up, but I kept tripping up on my words and the lesson just didn't have power behind it until I started bearing my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. And then after wards my Companion spoke up ( He had been weirdly quiet compared to normal) and he said "i've been thinking all lesson about that injury you were talking about and how you might not be able to play for BYU because of it, Can i ask if it's ok to give you a priesthood blessing?" and immediately i started feeling the spirit after he spoke up. I let him give the blessing since he brought it up.  It was very powerful! 
We walked out of that lesson and he said " I am so sorry Elder Crockett, I was feeling like I should have given the blessing at the very beginning and I know it made it really hard for you because I was ignoring the prompting." He then told me that it was his first priesthood blessing that he had ever given, and he knew that when he saw me today that he had to give one to our investigator he just didn't know why. It was super humbling to me! The spirit was just so strong, 
We came back to our class room and every one was staring at us. They were so confused just because we were so humbled and so quiet, and so reverent because that moment was almost sacred to us.  They eventually extrapolated the information out f me on what happened and Sister V jumped straight up and was like " I really need a blessing, I've been struggling...." We agreed that we could give her one, and then Elder Clark started feeling like he was going to give it, I busted out my card and She asked Elder Clark to give it, so he started thinking of how I gave the blessing to him right after our temple trip. It was his first priesthood blessing that he's ever given, It was Powerful! 
We then got back to our "Home Base" and I wanted my oil consecrated, and so did Elder Brown So elder Hoover Did mine and Elder Brown did his. There was a very strong spirit with all of us the whole rest of the day! We're giving Priesthood blessings today around 9:30 pm before we all try to get 3 hours of sleep before our flight. I am really excited! 
On sunday we went in to a meeting and we found out that there are 600 Missionaries that are leaving the same day as me, and they are getting loads more the same day! It's insane to think about that almost that many leaves every week and many more are coming.
I realized that All of my ties are red ha ha ha, out of like the 12 ties I brought like 7 of them are red, Ugh my life is so hard! =p 
Dad I was reading in Enos today and there was a verse on the right hand side of the book, right hand half, and the second to top that made me really want to hear about some of your mission stories, can you tell me about when you left the MTC and first got into the Mission field, What did you feel? what happened? who was your companion and how was he? I really liked how in the verse it says " your fathers has had the same faith as you" and it really triggered in my mind that you, Both Grandpa Crockett and Johnson, Devin, Hamilton and many more all experienced the exact same thing and really had to press forward with faith, I wanna hear some of your guyses Mission stories a little more in depth if thats all right.
Something I forgot to mention when I wrestled with the other elders is man this floor is the worst thing in the world to wrestle on! It's like concrete sandpaper! My elbows were eaten by the rug and when ever I play basket ball one of the scabs open and i keep bleeding on all of my StarWars Shits.  But Man some of the Elders really thinks I'm cool because of it, I forgot to mention there was a crowd of like 20 Elders watching me fight. 
Yesterday my district finally convinced me to pick the Schlage that our door uses. There was a crowd of like 25 Elders around me who all thought it was super cool, and then when they saw it turn they all started freaking out! One of them was like Dude Elder Crockett your like a freaking Batman. I wouldn't say that about my self at all though.
Any ways I miss you all Alot, and I love to hear from all of you! Be safe! Good luck with the rain, I'm bummed now because the rain is pouring right now and my district was going to have a picnic at this awesome secret place that I found at the MTC I found it on a walk with Elder Clark and man it's like asking for people to have a picnic on it!.
Love you all!, Keep me updated,

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett


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