Monday, September 29, 2014

Elk, Cider, Gingerale

(little bit of background, Miya had a nightmare about Truman dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, so she emailed him at about 2a.m.)
So Miya you know how you told me about checking that Fire alarm, ha ha well... I went home like 3 days later and the thought popped into my head to check it just like you said and so I opened it and there wasn't even a battery in it !!=p. So we went and bought a battery for it and i put it in and It has nonstop gone off since then. So I took the battery out and we are having a house inspection tomorrow and we'll bring it up to them.

We have a carbon monoxide detector that is separate from the fire alarm though so we will be warned if that does happen, I tested that one. So was your thought inspired, i think so in some way shape or form.
 SO dude you guys don't even know, this week has been killer hot! it almost got to 80 degrees this week, oh man my life is so hard! You wouldn't believe the trials and tribulation i have to suffer with this weather!
Guess what Miya? So we got a call for some one needing help, so we went over to go and do some service and guess what? I'll give you a hint it has to deal with a roof and Spiderman! Ha ha that trip up to the Homestead totally helped.
The trees up here are amazing they are all starting to change colors and there are such vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, gold and green (haha)
So as of the 27th I am officially 1 month old as a missionary! In that 1 month I have officially gained 5 lbs! I am really having to work hard to make sure all of that goes to me getting super "Chad" instead of any thing else. one of the Sr. Missionaries  He says It's because I no longer have to fight for all of the food because before if i didn't eat it all as fast as possible it would all be gone, but here they make sure we leave with a full belly and they even send us home with food, I have so much food that I have to eat at our "Home base", Dude my life is so hard! 
That and Elder W has Obsessive Jimmy Johns and Gatorade trips. One of the Sisters in the ward actually takes orders on what we would like to eat, she says because we always have to eat what ever other families decide what they want so she likes to give us the chance to eat something we like, she feeds us officially once a week but we always get some type of treat and such when we go over to have FHE with her, 
She has us and the Sr. Missionaries come over for FHE every week because we all don't have Families to have FHE with.
What I find is really funny too is that we always get either Ginger ale or Apple cider almost every where we go, in fact we have had food where those were used as seasonings like the Cashew chicken we ate last week (that was number 1). We actually have even had Apple cider and ginger ale combined together for a drink, try it it's pretty impressive =p. 
Many people here also uses Venison meat in just about every thing they have, They all have freezers full of the Elk meat enough to last them a year plus some.
Sorry i haven't sent many letters home I lost all of my stamps for a while and I am now only down to one so...
In Alpena this small town of under 10,000 people there are actually over 14 churches so there is a reason why there are so many people here who shut the door on us saying "I already believe in God".

Well this week I had trade offs so i got to go to the city of Gaylord. I was set up with the District Leader Elder D. The problem was they already used up all of their Miles on their jeep so we had to ride bikes the whole time. I don't even know how many miles we rode that day but that bike was terrible compared to the Garry fisher back home. We spent ages knocking on doors and trying to find old investigators that were dropped along time ago and all 12 of those fell through, we couldn't find any of them. 
We just crossed off our last one finding out that they just moved and Elder D just stopped in his tracks before we were going to cross the street. He said we need to say a prayer and so we did it with cars driving right by us. i locked our bikes up to a street light and he said the prayer asking for success and direction on where to go, he poured his heart out in prayer, because we had been knocking doors for over 4 hours that day already and had very little success. 
The prayer ended and he was pondering on whether he should cross or go right or left. And he had nothing, But i felt like we needed to go to he left. We went to the left and the First person we knocked on jumped out of their door step and closed the door ( i love it when this happens because you can actually get things going and not have a door so easily slammed in your face) And we had a really good conversation and he was like "well can I have one of these books of mormon?" Dude this guy was freakin golden! We set a appointment with him and went to the next house. Good conversation with a Jehovah witness, but but shut down. 
The next house was a old catholic ladys house and she opened the door and she invited us in! We taught her the Restoration, and as we were teaching it I was thinking about it and i realized "oh dang Elder D is leaving me to do the first vision!" I tried memorizing it for like 20 minutes 2 days before and I hadn't reviewed it since, I did NOT remember it. I then started talking about Joseph smith and his story and then I quoted the First vision perfectly! It had so much power to it! I was tearing up right there I couldn't come up with words so it was just silent and Elder D let that silence soak in right there and then he asked what her thoughts on that was and she said "I know that is true!" 
I was astonished This was a lady who was Catholic, Who had never heard the Story of Joseph Smith before and she just let us in which is very rare and she totally accepts our message. She asked if she can have a Book of Mormon after we told her how she can truly come to know if this is truly Jesus Christs church here on the earth. We set up a return appointment and then talked to her a while longer, and then left. We got out and Elder D was baffled and was so happy that he finally has people who he could meet up with and he did not doubt at all that our prayer was answered. The Spirit was SO strong in that Lesson! 

K well I gotta go, My P- day is super busy I am leaving for another Trade off to Gaylord tonight at 8pm. This week is going to be insane because I come back from that on Wednesday morning and then The Zone leaders are coming here and having a blitz in our area, and were having Zone conference, and There is General Conference. SO this week is going to fly I can already tell. 

Tell the girls Merry Birthday for me.
Bye Love you, have a good day!
-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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