Friday, August 29, 2014

Surprise Email Friday!!

HELLO! Well i made it here safely! It has been tons of fun over here in the MTC so far, And man am i learning alot!

Today Me and my companion Elder T did our first lesson together, and man i feel like we rocked it! But as we evaluated our selves We realized that the guy seemed kinda confused and that we could have made it more personal and relate to him better. But man when were talking it was awesome all of things that was coming to us and when ever my companion couldn't think of any thing and his mind went blank I already had the perfect thing to say to help carry the conversation on better and then when ever i ran out of things to say i would just shoot a glace at him and he was able to just pick up right where I left off.

You know it's funny because every one says that they all either gain weight at the MTC because of the good food but to be honest I would much rather eat at the Military base in camp pendleton. That and My companion eats close to nothing almost every meal so I have to rush to finish my plate because he doesn't like to just sit around at the table.

You know It's weird here but I kinda like it , I am now pretty used to it all of the "hotshots" that were being stupid have cooled down and now are almost regular people, dude But the First night here I had like 8 of them walk into my room and just be total tools, it made writing in my journal super difficult and i really wanted to choke one of them but I just tried to stay cool, they probably just wanted to harass us because they were picked on when they got here so I am making it known in my district that we are not doing that at all.

Elder C has been calling me the district fighter and he has apologized to me several times, apparently he made a few judgements about me and he didn't want me to find out and "box his face off". Our P- Days here are on friday so ill be writing and responding on fridays. I love the weather here it is like a million times better than in Mesa right now.

So for our gym time yesterday we went and played some basket ball and man I feel like a MVP ha ha which is funny because I am not anything of the sort ask Devin and Dad. But Elder Brown over here was really impressed and he hated how I was guarding hm he was saying that I was like a Sasquatch and he couldn't fight me like at all, it's funny because he easily has 100 lbs on me.

In my 3 days here I have only seen 3 people I know and I have only seem them all once, I haven't seen Michelle, I'm pretty sure shes over in the west campus. Man my companion has like super hands he types like a pro! Any ways I have a letter coming home soon I'll probably finish it today. I am going off campus today to go and do some service at a church house thats close by.

I love though how much I have learned here its like  I have had a fire hose shoved in my mouth and they are just blowing information all over the place. But MAN I AM SO EXCITED TO TEACH!!! I've been eating every thing up that they've been throwing at me and we had the chance to meet up with some investigators and talk to them and I kept having loads of things popping into my head that I was dying to say but there was loads of sisters and Elders in the room and I barely had the opportunity to say any thing. Well all of the elders here are done and I am dying to go get Hamilton's Star destroyer!!! Every one here freakin loves my starwars shirts and Alarm clock and we have had some pretty impressive Starwars conversations about it as well.  Love you all!
-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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