Monday, July 25, 2016

♫Family History! Finally Mastered it!♫‏

I like my new companion loads! He is actually experienced as a missionary and I do not need to train him at all, but he observes me like a hawk and eats up everything and applies it quickly. it's sweet! He is so chill too, every night we sit and drink juice and talk untill we have to go to bed.
This week has been so humid!!!! Yesterday I could almost drink the air!
Hey Robby you better watch out! I have been doing P90X recently and if you think I am coming home a softy, thinking I will loose in any arm wrestling match you are mistaken. =p You better watch it dude, my flexing muscles in my arm move when I turn my hand the other direction =p ha ha

All I can think about is my goals. In fact I now have even more goals to think about too. It has become such a obsession that the only thing my companion thinks about is my goals, not even his own goals but he think about my goals all day every day!

WE have been seeing so many miracles!!!!! I swear I am not worthy enough to have all of these miracles happen, I mean yah I am obedient but I am never seeing anything but MIRACLES! I still suck at keeping some rules and yet I am still blessed beyond belief. But to be fair too my new companion E.A has been serving in BadAxe Michigan for the last 6 months a place that is very sad when it comes to missionary work, so he is probably cashing in all of his unused persecution points for miracles too. Keep Praying that I can accomplish my goals!

I think I did it! I think I mastered Family History! I have been giving those FH pass along cards faster than I do regular ones now because of how many people are receptive to it. I have been doing it in several diffrent ways but my finding through using questions of the soul and restored truth questions, and family history weave in and out now and are truly one finding tactic. 
I got a lady super interested in family history and followed it up (after I found out she was religious) with a " So what do you think happens to our ancestors who die with out a knowledge of the gospel?" and totally got her with restored truth too and we should be teaching her the plan of salvation in a few days. There is no way she would have been interested if I didn't go a family history route. I am planning on writing it out and sending it to all of the many missionaries who I have talked to about this to help them all be more effective.
The thing that is getting me now is I realized every missionary I know sucks at helping Atheists agree to meet with us. How do you do that? because what I learned how to do isn't effective and I have never seen success from it.

One of our top investigators who is on date has had some experiences this week.  At the end of our lesson last sunday I forgot to set up a return appointment, so we stopped by after correlation (miraculously we had time after that) meeting a few days later. We dropped by and he answered the door and said he was right about to call us, he let us in and he told us all about what happened at work with his coworkers. 
They saw him reading the book of Mormon during his break and they tore him to pieces about how we aren't Christians and other stupid not true beliefs about us. It really got to him and he was thinking about calling us and dropping us a few minutes before we arrived at his door. We resolved his concerns and prepared him for even more persecution and tribulation to be coming as he prepares to be baptized. It may seem odd but I rejoiced in the car that happened, because he is now having Tribulation and persecution  which is an essential thing for some one to go through to become converted to anything. It brought me alot of peace knowing that he isn't going to be baptized with only a testimony and not being converted. But we still have more time there.
We came by a few days later to hear that he was surrounded by 4 co workers at work again and they tried to bash him to pieces the next time they saw him read during his work break. But this time he was aware it was satan and he laughed at the stupid things they said about us. " those Mormons don't worship God, They worship Mohamed!....." he responded "Who the Hell is Mohamed! they teach me about God not him!". He later during the lesson asked us Who Mohamed was because he was still confused on who they were talking about.
Our other investigator almost dropped us, she was getting confused because the book of mormon sounds alot like the bible and she wasn't willing to make the commitment to be rebaptized. It was a pretty quick fix when I went back to mosiah 18 and had her read the verses where she felt the spirit and she humbled herself and changed her mind because she knew what she felt. She then at the end of the lesson gave us 10 bags of groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude the church is so true here! I havn't seen any thing but miracles and huge blessings since I got here. My companion told me that this week we did more missionary work than he did in one of his transfers in Bad Axe. This week is scheduled to be even better.  Our key indicators were amazing!
Well I gotta go
 Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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