Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We got our transfer calls and I am staying and E.Kratz is leaving. No shock he was here for 6 months and I was going home. That was my last transfer call. I have 6 weeks left. E.Quintana the last missionary I trained Got a transfer call up to Alpena, the area where I was trained! he had a million questions and I spent most of my email time telling him people to hunt down. "son" is going to fix up his "father's" mistakes. 
I think I can accomplish my goal! It's still difficult and not secured but I think it can work out. Currently I have 6 people on date to be baptized and 6 progressing investigators. There is alot of work for these people but I think I can make it, But i am not going to be devastated if I don't make it because I would rather they be converted than only having a testimony and being baptized and going less active.
I love how in PMG under Gospel dispensations it talks about prophets learning things by revelation; I mean they use the scriptures to teach it but they learn it from revelation. I see that ALL THE TIME! All of the big truths I cling to I learned in that way and later found scriptures to back it up to teach to people. I had that happen a million and a half times. It happened with the Godly Sorrow thing, I read Repentance in True to the faith and it says in black and white super clear that it instills a desire. =p Before I could infer that from other things but that was undebateable. But it sure does help when you have the right resources that can straight up give you the answers to all of your questions!
We had so much success this week! I am way too blessed to be here! I don't know if it's I racked up so much Persecution points my whole mission that I now have to cash them all in before I end, so thats why I only see miracles or.... Church is true here! Especially when you drive a 2016 Ford Fusion! I honestly feel like I don't deserve this much success but Everything has been working in our favor! 
E. kratz door knocked into a guy months back and he gave him a pass along card. We got a call a month or so ago and he said he had to do a report on a religion in one of his college classes and so he wanted to interview us. We agreed. He interviewed us about our personal lives, our family lives, the Mormon lifestyles, and beliefs of our church, church organization, how it came to be... 

He had an LDS friend growing up, his friend never talked about the gospel and he decided to study us since we showed up. He is agnostic, But NEVER has any other religion ever made sense or had him feel like this before, and he used to go to school for religion major of a sort and tried many churches before he lost his beliefs. 

We went hard in our interviews, we had 2 of them, the first one we taught him the plan of salvation along with all of his questions about us, and we taught the restoration the second one. He went to church and was fascinated on how we actually respect communion (the sacrament), he learned about temples there, and everything made such sense.  =p.

He finished his report. Got a 97% on it because he was so fascinated by it he couldn't stop thinking about it. We shot him a text after his report was turned in and asked if he read the Book of Mormon that we gave him. He said he did and there was a thing that really meant alot to him from it. He wanted to ask us more about it not over text, so we went back to the church to meet with him yesterday. We picked him up as a investigator yesterday. 
We will have taught 13-14 lessons this week by the end of today, most with member present, 2 are less active lessons. and we still got like 11-12 hours of door knocking and 2 p-days in there! This week has been number 1! I think next week will be better too. Since we will have the car all week long, no p-days, and many appointments. 
pray that I can accomplish my goal of helping 20 people join the church before I end my mission. Because no matter how ridiculously good =p I am at missionary work, there is no way I can accomplish that feat but only by Gods power can I! 

 I should be getting my new companion Monday
I gotta go clean the apartment and do something fun
Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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