Monday, August 1, 2016

But Stings like a Bee‏

I have gotten so serious about my goals now my companion prays vocally about my goals too.
I still don't know what to do with Atheists yet, I only knock into a small amount of them, any tips from online or your missions on what to do in that situation. Because I have never seen success from what I do (which I learned from other misisonaries) which is a good indication that I don't use a correct principal.
2 days ago I went and locked our bikes up to a stop sign I stepped back and a Bee attacked me stabbing me with it's stinger a millimeter from my eyeball...It was so close to hitting my eye. That thing got pretty swollen. I am so greatful it didn't get my eye though!
My companion points out every airplane we see, kinda funny because it's supposed to be the other way around where I make fun of him for how much more time he has left, but I aint about that life, so he tries to do that to me. SO it makes it kind of odd and doesn't work but... I swear we have seen like 15 planes in the last 3 days.
We have been riding bikes this week. When ever we are at a intersection I try and race the cars to see who can get to the other side of the intersection faster. The Specialized is a beast and I win some and loose some it greatly depends on what gear I am in and how fast I react to the light change. Those sports cars never loose though ha ha.

I have been reading the power of the everyday missionary alot this week. Our mission approved it and gave us all copies this week,  i am at pg 100 somethin. I like it alot because I have been trying to think of how I will continue missionary work back home and I could easily keep it up or even be  more effective of a missionary than I am now by living by those principals. Because one of the big things about me going on a mission was I knew there was no other place I would be able to learn missionary skills near as well as here and I have always had desires to do missionary work but never had the skill and because of that I had fears and hesitated to do so. That and as I have talked to a whole bunch of missionaries on my mission I have always heard them say " oh when I get home I will go out with the missionaries every week...Give them rides... feed them every month..." I just think, "Yah, what ever! you'll probably do that for like a month if that". So in my case I don't want to do that, I would much rather find people for the missionarys to teach, so they help me with my goal of helping as many people join the church as years I live. Thats one of the reasons why I am still seeking knowledge about missionary work that I don't have because these are the last few weeks where I can practice it for hours a day.
This week we had a lesson with our investigator. Turns out I caught all 151 pokemon, He caught all 151 pokemon, and my companion caught every pokemon that has been created (which all of which don't exist except the original 151 =p, but yet he caught all like 900). Who knew that 3 pokemon masters would have been brought together like that!
My zone leaders had breakfast and studied with us this morning since we are having a zone pday today. We got talking and one of them started to try and convince me that I shouldn't do Family History in Finding... Oh I flipped a biscuit hard! (People in this zone use "flip a biscuit" in their vocabulary and none of them heard it from me!!! One of my companions must have rubbed off on some one and it spread. I was shocked when I heard like 3 people use it in common conversations. None of them whipped out a frying pan like your saposed to but still!) I "bashed" him to pieces on that subject (only i didn't bash, I never bash, I instead taught him of how it is a correct principal every missionary needs to live, created a need for it,  and then showed him the blessings, and testifies of all the many miracles we've seen from it) there was no "putting me into my place" after that! =p 
My goal is going well. It's been hard because now all of my investigators are going through tribulation. One is loosing her house, I found out that they won't make her move for 6 months though so she will be here for her baptism. Another is being persecuted by family and coworkers, one of his friends died (it's scary how much I see that one come up when people are on the path to turning their testimony to being converted). One got a new job where she makes jewelry, and while she makes jewelry her company brings in preachers to speak to them all, she is kinda forced to listen to it all, her phone broke, work holds her late which keeps causing her to miss our appointments.
We have a investigator who really wants to be baptized but there is no way he will pass the interview... Doesn't believe in God consistantly, one appointment he will, the next he wont; doesn't believe In Jesus or joseph smith...... He has felt the spirit several times and I have helped him recognize it during lesson but he keeps forgetting it and almost pretending like he hasn't felt the spirit. He almost pretends to act nobel and says he will act in faith by being baptized so he can have a great spiritual witness after....I got so ticked off our last lesson, I kept telling him I wont baptize him and he wont pass his interview. He finished the whole book of mormon and has prayed to know if it was true the whole time. He just doesn't accept that he has felt the spirit. But forget my goal (in his case), I don't wanna be the shmeep that baptizes some who will never be active in their life just for a number.

Please pray for my goal and my investigators.
If I don't accomplish my goal now on my mission, I believe that it is still possible to accomplish it and probably will be accomplished by my companion. But i worry about that because I can't have influence on that.
Well I gotta go Bye i love you!
have a good day!
Don't get shot!
Or stung in the eye!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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