Monday, May 23, 2016

. ject: " you say it's your birthday! well it's my birthday too yah!..."

I didn't get to see the video mom, Our mission no longer allows facebook.

What color is the truck you got? I really want a Red truck when I grow up because they always remind me of Dads Red Toyota, and it just seems like a good fathers car color.

I didn't get the package yet, it was sent to the mission office so I will probably get it when transfers happen in 2 weeks.

On May 21st one of my converts in Alpena went to the temple to get her endowments. What a good day to pick =p.

I sat on my bed and told myself my birth story from what i remember Mom saying all these years, my companion was in the shower, I think It's a funner tradition when some one else tells it on your birthday. It also wasn't the same without the Beatles being blasted throughout the house. " you say it's your birthday! well it's my birthday too yah!..."

I dedicated a house this week! A less active asked me to do it, she then picked up M (the former catholic =p) and took her to church. OH yah! 2 birds with one  stone!

This week my long vacation ended after trade offs was over. But I don't think the vacation ever really did end because it's been so easy to love doing missionary work recently since all we really see now is success in the lessons we have, and there are people who are actually progressing!

I had a good Birthday. Our ward had a baptism on it, It was the lady that the sisters have been area poaching from us, the one that lives like 4 blocks away from us. I did the baptisimal interview with the lady and every one was telling me that she has been going through Kemo theoropy and that it's hard for her to remember things, that I would have to rephrase the questions because she has Kemo brain and doesn't under stand, and that she is afraid, and......

I went in there with my A game on just like I always do in a baptisimal interview and was super personable! I got her so excited about Zombies (shes like 64) and she went off for like 10 minutes about zombies and what she is doing when the zombie Apocalypse happens. But after that I had no problems at all I used the questions as they are and I was able to dig deep and discern if she was converted or not.

When the sisters went over the questions like I asked them to and tried to discern she would always get super defensive and snap at them. But I got her to open up so much to tell me about how one night she had a dream where she saw Joseph Smith Leading a group of people and she felt and feels peace every time she thinks about that dream. I found all that out and more spiritual experiences that she has had since the sisters had met with her.

After the interview I brought those experiences up to the sisters and they had no clue she experienced any spiritual experiences...... AND YOU SENT HER INTO THAT INTERVIEW!?! well it worked out. She liked me so much she asked me to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. The sisters convinced her to let her fellowshipper baptize her, but I was mentioned for that =p. The sisters told me later they convinced her because they didn't want it to get to my head, But it did anyways ha ha!

After the baptism me and my district and our zone leaders all went out to eat at outback steak house! It was awesome! It made me miss Will and his Mom, and eating steak at their place. I wanna learn how to cook steak like they can!

The K2 sisters found bikes for the K1 Elders in my district but they need fixing up so I had them drop them off at our apartment yesterday. It was the easiest bike fixes in the WORLD!!!

One of them I moved the tuner by the breaks and the gears all worked perfectly after that and I fixed the back breaks on the other and sprayed it with WD40 and they were both fixed! I need one road bike tube and thats it! They were both lighter, faster,both had cup holders, all of the reflecters, handlebars that don't go loose every 10 miles rode, had comfier seats, and all of their gears worked (unlike our current ones) the only problem is they are girl bikes..... But they don't even look girly so I am Keeping them and giving them our huge Huffy bike and the other. It was a nice change being able to carry the bike up the staircase with one hand unlike the huffy. Hey beggers cant be choosers right =p, not like it matters for me though with T-calls in 2 weeks I am thinkin I aint stayin.

Well I gotta Go Bye I love you!!!

Have a Good day!

Don't get shot!

Don't area poach! (because your investigator will still end up in the front of my PMG apparently =p)


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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