Monday, May 16, 2016

. Does any one else miss their Mom? =p

Did I tell you we went to the beach last p-day? Oh yah it was a blast! we basically only shopped and studied and then spent the whole day on the beach before we had to go back to proselyte.

I am getting fond of going to bed listening to rap music from the cars out side our apartment blasting it. Some of the music is actually pretty fly.

HEY I FOUND OUT HOW TO USE MY SD CARD!!!! My companion was messing with it and typed in a random number in a seach box and it brought up all of the hidden files. So if you send me a new sd card I can send you the one I have and tell you how to find the files.

This week was a vacation for me! i would discourse on how it was  but thats a waste of time because some cool things happened.

We went to our investigator M's house (the catholic who isn't that much catholic any more =p)

and she was sick and had to cancel two of our appointments for the week. So we were asking her about her health and how she was doing and what not and she went off on all of the bad things That's been happening. Her finding out her son has a hole in his heart, her being super sick for several days..

And she went on to tell us that she has been trying to talk to her family about what she has been learning from us. Every one she talked to made fun of her so much! She told every one in her family, her friends, some cousins and none of them were supportive at all! One of them used to investigate and she went off on how the mormons tried to arrange a marriage between her (16 years old at the time) and a old man.......... and started going off on her gift of tongue thing and making fun of her and how she now speaks spanish, english and mormon.

Every one made fun of her. She was sick, her son....She took that hard. It really beat on her. It caused her to pray and ask "to be healed" spiritually because she knew what she felt and was doubting and was sad. She went to bed that night, and had a dream.

She was in a long white dress (she commented she hates dresses and never wears them). She walked up to a staircase that went into a big tub of water. The tub was made out of little tiles that were a blueish white color. she went in the water and met a man in there who them said a prayer, and lowered her backwards into the water completely.

While under the water she looked to see the water turn a thick dark cloudy black, and then changed and it turned as clear as glass. She then heard a voice that said "your sins are forgiven you" and she woke up. Her heart burned and she felt a strong peace and she knew no matter what people said or did she needed to be baptized into our church because she has NEVER had anything like what she has had with any other religion as she has had since she has met with us. Church is true with dreams like that!

Whats amazing to me is we never taught her anything about baptism other than it needs to be by the proper authority and you make a covenant. But she described a baptismal service perfectly. Infact she described our CHURCH and baptismal font exactly how it was! That is the tile we have in the font!!!!!!!! She has never set foot in our church! We never told her you wear white for a baptism. Her church doesn't believe in baptism by immersion, we never taught that! We never taught that only men can baptize. It is amazing!!!  

I opened up to 1 ne 8 and went hard on showing her thats exactly whats been happening with her and what she needs to do.  She went through Tribulation, She was healed (spiritually), she had desires for every one to join the church and all of her kids to feel like she does, and she had a stronger spiritual witness: she fits every characteristic of some one who has more than a testimony but is converted!

We just need to get her to church and get her to have testimonies and become converted to all of the commandments now. SHE IS SO PUMPED to be baptized!

Sorry this is still a short email. But I hope it's a good one.

Bye I love you have a good day!

Don't get shot

Don't listen to rap music to fall asleep it doesn't work

love you!


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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