Monday, December 14, 2015

I had a dream... yup‏

Well I didn't get the cops called on me but I ended up in court today... yup!
One thing I heard this week that I liked a whole lot is how with our beliefs we should be like a compass (one of the ones for a ship in pirate movies, it's an old quote) We should always have our one foot planted firmly on our beliefs and never stray from it, but use the other to look around and learn and to greater know what direction to take.

We got Transfer calls and I am staying here with Elder M. I am glad because I  definitely think we will see good things happen this transfer.
Oh i forgot to wish Mommy and Robby a Merry Birthday!
Ella I hope you enjoyed the dance, and I hope my videos gave you inspiration for WinterFormal. I really hope you didn't do the Magicarp because every one thinks it's lame ha ha, It's the best though!
OUR INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH!!! OH YAHHH! After all of the Crazy things that has happened, Car accidents, immature adults ditching her, devilish phone and T.V. disruption, Sicknesses, Crazy Medication...,...,...,...,...,...,... She made it! I saw her take 3 pages of notes from it too. Our Recent Convert Sheila gave a talk in church this week and she SLAYED it! She had us review it twice before she felt comfortable reading it to the branch, but it was WAY good. It blew the socks off people.
Yesterday was the first time I ever Backed down from a dog. I have had a pair german shepards that looked pretty bad charge us, and all I did was stand still let them smell me and then keep walking, and Most cases thats all that was necessary. But the Dog yesterday was hard core. Most pitbulls aren't even bad But this one was ticked at us when we were 200 ft. away from him. 
I walked up to the door and he got louder and scarier showing his sharp teeth. He was chained right next to the steps of the door I walked into his circle and he got worse. My companion stopped, I kept walking it ran away to the top of the steps and then it got in a fighting stance and would no longer move, all teeth ready. I went to the side of the steps not wanting to be by his face and tried to reach to knock and as I reached, it jumped and bit inches away from my raised arm and jerked his head from side to side. After he missed he went for it again I quick stepped back (I finally got the message) and he missed the second attempt. I am pretty sure there was some divine intervention there. I am now going to give up for once when it is a scary dog, because a ITL isn't worth it.
We were out door knocking on Tuesday and we did it forever, all day long. We were walking to the next house and then I knew this is the one where we are gonna get a new investigator. We knock on the door and she lets us in, I saw the little scroll thing that Jewish people put on their door frame as I stepped in. We sat down at her kitchen table while she informed her Husband we were there and then went to the counter to get us banana bread. 
I started learning her religious background while she did that, even though I already knew, I wanted my companion to know. While she spoke I had a "flash" of memory happen and a big wave of the spirit hit me strong, I knew this moment... I saw it in a dream 2 weeks ago. She said what she said and did what she did in the dream and then gave us the bread. Things got real. 
She showed us e-sword some free thing that shows the Hebrew words of the bible and how it really should translate and it was actually really cool. She knew nothing about our beliefs from what she said, We started to teach and it turned way bad. She was trying to catch us in our words to disprove us, and would ask questions that would be bash no matter what we said and she knowing nothing Assumed so much about us that wasn't true and tried to throw down on us. 
I tried as HARD as I could to change the situation to actually teach her to help her feel the spirit. I created needs, I bore my whole soul out in testimony... she wouldn't commit to anything. She Hard core Gander Ranted (talking FOREVER!!!!!! So many people in Michigan do it) on how there could have been Christ as a false prophet. My companion couldn't stand it and he tried to get us out of the house. 
I tried so hard. I refused to stand up and I bore testimony to her over and over again, it changed nothing. I eventually stood and left. I got out side and I couldn't take it. We got to the Jeep and I started crying hard core. It was uncontrollable, my whole body was shaking, I think the last time I ever came close to crying that much was in Elementary school. It went on for like 7 minutes, I just wept and gasped for air. I just couldn't handle it. It knew I saw her in that dream, I tried everything I had and she refused, it broke my soul. I had to fight so hard to stop crying and even to get music in my mind so I could move on and keep knocking.

I was basically Tapped for the day after that. Every door we hit people came out trying as hard as they could to bash us, and every one went on gander rants. Every door. I jumped for joy when the regular catholic slammed the door because I didn't have to talk to him unlike every one else. after 2 hours of that it was finally dark and we started teaching our investigators. I got enough persecution points for 3 weeks all in like 4 hours. I went to bed early unlike usual.
I think one of the most touching things that I heard this week was a prayer Shirley gave after we had thanksgiving-gratitude to the elders meal that she spent all day preparing. She said "thank you for sending me these two pure boys. Please bless them to be like a Snowflake, as my mother would always say. So that they will continue to always make a mark and never leave a stain where ever they go."
This is probably the best weeks lesson and finding wise that I have had here in this area though.
We had a awesome miracle where we went to Taco Bell with a member and ate lunch. While we door knocked we had the cashier open up the door! We were tight immediately and had alot to talk about and picked him and his girlfriend as a investigator ha ha. I was even more grateful for my XXL Chicken burrito after that.=p
Well I gotta go
Bye I love you have a good day
Sleep good and have nice dreams
Stay away from super fast vicious pitbulls
Don't get Shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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