Monday, December 21, 2015

Are Green Christmas's even Legal here?‏

So You don't have to worry I will probably not be a popsicle this Christmas, we hare having a thaw and all the snow will be gone says every one (but no one is ever right when it comes to the weather, Dang lake effect!) Something about El Nino what ever that means. =p

Thank you every one for all of the Christmas Cards and what not I have been getting, I really appreciate them all. I opened up Miyas and the glitter dumped on my church clothes...... I do accept your apology though. I made sure to tape the front cover of the card up before I put it in the letter journal so that glitter doesn't continue to get every where. AGL!

Those Beatle Boot snow boots are nice! they aren't as warm as my other pair, but it is so nice to just be able to unzip a zipper and take them off and have them still be water proof! It makes it easy when you go to a house where people want you to take off your shoes before you come in.

This Christmas We are going down to Mt. Pleasant for a Christmas party again, and they asked that when we return home we spend the rest of the day with members and do no proselyting for that day and Christmas day. Which is nice because it doesn't matter what time of day it is no one wants to be door knocked on Christmas day. So that will be loads of fun, I am excited to show off to Elder H that I actually finished the suit that I bought with him. I am also really excited to chill and play board games and have fun. Every Day is pretty much shot, or super booked. Which is nice, no complaining there.

There is so much posts on facebook about starwars! I feel like I need to stop trying to contact people on it for like 3 months until it dies down. I am so excited about it and I can't do anything about it! I got a message from Will that I would like to share today about it "So I haven't seen Star Wars yet but I thought about waiting to see it with you so we can enjoy that together!" Oh my goodness I am honored, it is almost just as much commitment to keep that promise as it is for a person to wait for a missionary! That is if he can stand that heat, I probably couldn't ha ha! For realzies though every post see while I contact is about that or a marriage or engagement.

We have a sweet investigator who is progressing to his baptismal date, I actually think he is going to make it which is a nice change for once. We meet with him twice a week, every lesson in a members home, goes to church, reads the Book of mormon with members when we aren't there. Has been getting really good answers to prayers, witnesses from Holy Ghost. What more can we ask for! I think we are gonna have a lot of success this transfer. S didn't come to church this week because another one of her friends died and had a funeral on sunday, and is out of town this next week (this is the 3rd friend who has died and had a funeral on sunday, I guess she has to run out of them eventually... and will be able to come to church weekly ha ha jk thats horrible).

We got hit hard by the snow this week it was snowing basically non stop all day long and night. We were way out in the boonies too and we just kept getting inches. The roads were way slick and as I SLOWLY turned the corner I calmly looked to my right and thought " I wasn't looking at my right blindspot" realizing I was basically going sideways at that point. Good thing they taught me how to stop that in drivers ed... Oh wait they didn't ha ha, But it was totally natural to pull out of it. I just took up the whole road to do it ha ha, good thing no one was coming at me =p.

I have been going easier on my companion now that we have to stay together, but in other ways I am planning on being harder on him to make him stretch. But hey isn't that the whole point of being "leader" of some sort.

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get Shot!
Happy Christmas!
CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!!!!!!!!!! I WIN (since I wont be there Christmas eve I am saying it early)
Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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