Monday, November 10, 2014

The Bearded Man

Our car has been in the shop all week long, and will probably be there until Wednesday unlike what they promised us. My comp is ticked about it, He is from the country in a city that is alot smaller and spread out compared to Alpena and never had to ride a bike in his life, he hates riding bikes. I love riding bikes so much!!! Dude I don't even care that we are getting rained and snowed on , I love it! We have been blessed with several miracles just because we rode bikes.

We dropped our car off earlier this week and we had to walk a mile and a half or so to get back to our apartment. and it's hilarious because as we were 10 feet from the door the phone started vibrating and I looked and it said "congratulations Elder Crockett! You are now granted your driving privileges, get the keys and fire up that engine you deserve it!" ha ha ha well i just have to wait 2 weeks to get the car back from the shop to do that =p.

We were out riding bikes to a street to go and do some door knocking and there was this man who was doing yard work and getting all of the leaves out of some ones yard who had this awesome beard! Man that thing was knarley, it wasn't like duck dynasty status but it was thick, medium sized, and super manly. I yelled " I like your beard!" and it made the guy have the biggest smile because it was pretty random. The next day I was out riding bikes down a main road waving to every car that passed as usual, and this guy leans all the way out his window and yells "I like your suit!" It was the man with the beard!!! Oh man that brought the biggest smile on my face and made my day.

This week we put our last investigator on date for baptism, all of our investigators are now on date and should be baptized in about a month. Problem is we no longer will have lessons to investigators, other than to clarify and reteach and what not.

We had a District Meeting this week and so we went down to Gaylord for it and we were having trade offs after wards. While in our district meeting we got new rules for our mission, now every Saturday we have to have a car "fast" because we have the most car crashes out of every mission on the eastern half of the states, and so we no longer can use our cars on Saturdays. 
We also got a new rule about us not emailing for more than a hour and a half, because alot of missionaries are super stressed and they spend all P-day emailing and they never go out and do anything fun. Oh my goodness my companion flipped a biscuit! not only are we going to have to ride bikes, but it will have to be in the snow, he was not a fan of the new rules and made it pretty clear during the meeting... I love these new rules! I was so disappointed because I was thinking that I was never going to get on a bike again after we get our car back, and i also like the email one because I can actually have time to go and do fun things on P-day, all we ever do is shop, email, laundry, jimmy johns (or culvers!!! I love that place, it's like in and out but alot better!), email, and then FHE. 

Trade offs were super sick! I loved it! I wish I had several more days with my district leader Elder D. Man we Did Work! We picked up several new investigators! We had huge success when we door knocked, and we really did not want to stop at all, we did it for like 4 hours. it ended by us getting let in and teaching the whole restoration to a family who saw us riding bikes earlier that day and wondered why are they dressed so nicely to ride bikes, one hour later we were on their doorstep and I said about 10 words and then asked if We could come in and share about that (in those 10 words I introduced us and said something about eternal families). 
The father was golden he kept coming up with questions about our church and the answers to the questions were all bullet points to the lesson of the restoration, he lead everything perfectly so it was nothing more than a natural conversation. He offered us some beers and we of course politely rejected and were going to go back there this week and give them some Books of Mormon and teach more. Oh man the Church is so true when you are on bikes and people actually notice you!

One of my biggest struggles that happened this week was Elder S decided it was finally time for a double legger meal. He was determined to fill both of my "hollow legs" up with food. He took us to Mancinos and bought me a big meal! I calmly ate one sandwich after another . but I was pretty dang full after that. We were dropped off at the church and then went with a member to a lesson and an hour later they took us out to eat... at Mancinos...I was still full from that last meal but Struggling i ate a few slices of pizza. Oh my goodness i was dead, that was a double legger! It took 2 rounds to do it but it happened.

The branch President pulled me aside yesterday and asked me to conduct the primary program.=p I am super excited for it. I will be in primary for the next few weeks preparing for it, Sister S was going to be conducting the music for it but she goes home next monday so they asked me to do it. 

I gotta go, Bye I love you stay strong, don't get shot, Do work!, go... read some books!
-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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