Monday, November 3, 2014

The S Word....and......The Gospel According to Skywalker

 It was October 31st in the year of 2014. We looked out the window and watched as the clock ticked to 9:07 am the rain turned to snow! I loved it so much! it made my companion super sad but snow is amazing (I still think the S word isn't nearly as bad as the D word, for now i guess ha ha) It didn't stay to long it was gone later that day. But I loved seeing it as we drove over 180 miles on that day, it was so beautiful how all of the bare branches of the trees were now white and you could see even the tiniest of branches because there was snow stuck to it. And it wasn't super hard core either so driving in it wasn't bad at all, except the telephone pole that fell down and made it so we couldn't continue that way to a members house. 

After all of that snow we check out a newspaper and saw that there was a 50% off all snow gear at J.C. Pennys so we went there to get me some winter gear. I Got a big jacket, a scarf, a beenie, and a long sleeved thermal shirt for P-days to go with a jacket vest that a investigator gave me. In total with out the sale I would have spent 280 something on it all. So i was pretty glad we stumbled upon that sale. But even better the cashier was cute and I was really nice to her, and i didn't notice it until today but she gave me a extra discount on it all! I only payed $100 on all of that, when the coat its self was originally $200. Man it really pays off to be nice and devastatingly attractive!   

We are now on daylight savings time, i have no clue who thought up this idea, but i  am grateful for that extra hour of sleep I got on sunday because of it

So on my mission I have used up the ink in 4 pens already ha ha ha! I guess i write quite a bit, who knew. 

This week I was doing alot of driving every where. I had loads and loads of time to just ponder. I am really grateful that I was able to finish and get my Eagle scout award, and I am really grateful for all of the leaders who helped me learn through out my life whether it was in sunday school or in Scouting I feel like I have been really blessed with amazing examples in my life that has encouraged me to work hard and to be Christ like. I could write a million names down for who I mean when I think about that. And I am so grateful for all of those who weren't my leaders and teachers but my friends who had a huge impact on me. I also remembered I forgot to have my Eagle Court of Honor ha ha oh well we can do that later =p.

There is a member who we go and visit every week, we read out of the book of Mormon with him. His Cat Sammy ran away 7 months or so ago and i think it's very sad / sweet because every time we pray with him he has us pray for Sammy, that she will be safe and have help. I love it, it's really like I said Sad but Sweet that he misses his cat that much. 

Starting today we're taking the jeep to the shop to get repaired so I will be riding a single speed bike every where for the next week. I hope it's fun, I love riding bikes but one of these is a girl bike and I have a feeling that even though it's smaller my comp won't want it. But riding bikes for the Gaylord missionaries did miracles so my fingers are crossed.

Aight well I'm headin off to do some laundry, We have to come back later today, so if there is any thin you want to say go for it.
Bye I love you have a good day! Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett
The Gospel According
a talk by Elder Campbell

Skywalker 1:1
a long time ago in a city probably not too far away from where I am located currently there was a wise jedi master name Nephi. master Nephi was an expert at the doctrine of Jesus Christ and Taught this doctrine very well within the chapters of the BOOK OF MORMON (2 Nephi 31). let us examine this in light of Star Wars:
Faith: luke is exhorted by master Yoda to lift his X-wing out of the mucky nasty swamp. Luke tries and ultimately fails to lift up the X-wing with normal effort and gives up exclaiming "it's too big". Yoda then tells him that "size matters not" and lifts the X-wing with his mind. Yoda teaches that if we exercise faith and put forth effort, we won't have to worry about how big a task is because can still accomplish it (Matthew 13:31-32).
repentance: Skywalker the older started out as a very frail boy that made many mistakes, becoming a murderer of people (Alma 36:14). in the end of his life, he finally turns and repents. bringing balance to the force and even appearing to leah as a spirit to ask forgiveness from her as well. Darth Vader repented as we need to as well. I imagine though that Vader looked at his life and realized that if he repented sooner, his life would have been a lot better (Alma 34:33).
Make Covenants and Receive Blessings: in order for luke to progress further than he was, he had to make an oath into the jedi order (2 Nephi 31:10-11). this brought him membership into the jedi and all of the gifts and blessings associated with it. including the ability to now use the force at all times(2 Nephi 31:12).
endure to the end: Luke has only begun his journey with the redemption of his father and the end of the sith. he will soon encounter "sun destroyers" about 12 more death stars, Admiral thrawn, his own battle with the darkside, yslari lizards, and amongst all of that raising a family (was that too much Star Wars deep doctrine? maybe. read more Star Wars books if your confused). but through all of this (we have his whole life documented) Luke skywalker stayed true to Force, becoming a great teacher of it himself (2 Nephi 31:19-21).
the Gospel is where we can achieve the greatest happiness in life and where we can do the most good. I hope that we all with have this as a pattern in our lives and recieve the blessings from it. I leave this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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