Monday, August 15, 2016

Does anyone else miss their Mom?

We were door knocking a street and me and my companion was joking around like I described to you last week. He saw a kid on a bike and said "Is that my bike?" I laughed and turned and looked at it. And then looked at it more, and started freaking out "THAT IS YOUR BIKE!!!!!!!!" I know that thing better than anyone after the work I put in on that thing, his comment was sad...but true. =p We almost chased him down but I figured the 12-14 year old needed it more than we did, and that the Jesus Sticker already probably gave him more guilt than he could bear. SO we stood and watched him ride away.
Yesterday we were coming home from dinner at a members house and there was a sign that said "free bikes", my prayers were answered! We were able to play with and test 3 different bikes to decide which ones we wanted. We took 2 of them, one of them for pieces and new tubes for the two bikes that we have, or to potentially give to the zone leaders so they can be more effective on car fast. The new bike we got is much nicer than broken down girls bike that was stolen. Has a amazing seat too!!! The church is true!
We had half mission p-day this week on thursday. As we drove there I almost burst in tears as I looked at the forests and the wavy land of fields and old barns and silos zip by me, knowing that I probably wont see that sight in a good while again.  

While at Half mission p-day I said good bye to many friends I wont see again. I also found out from Sis Burk, a sister who used to be a district leader for, she told me that while she was out and about she walked by a lady in the south part of Kalamazoo. The lady stopped her and told her she recognized sis burk. They thought for a while and connected that they met when I brought her to church. It was Marina! The lady who was in awe that me and Elder Medina was Glowing as we taught her, who came to church with all of her kids and her son wanted to join the scouting program, she was progressing towards baptism and then dropped off the map. Turns out she became Homeless and there was no room for her at her sisters and her mothers, so her and all of her kids (3) were homeless in kalamazoo. They set up a appointment after they talked about me and she is now being taught again.
My last part of my tale this week has not been a miraculous or enjoyable one. My 2 points of friction here is Satan, and the missionaries here, it's been like that since my first week here. I went from having 7 investigators progressing solidly towards baptism to now only having 2-3, Satan has been giving us a beating there; but those 2 are super solid. One is being forced to auction their house this wednesday. R is having the gates of hell rage against him too and I am not sure I will see him join the church soon enough, but I am sure he will in a few weeks.
I did just write for like 10 minutes about the missionaries in the area and my friction with them, but I will give you the cliff notes version, since I don't believe thee other version is appropriate for me to tell the world about.

 Basically number 1, I was stupid and prayed for humility, never do that unless you wanna get into a crazy fight with people. Number 2 I prayed for Charity for missionaries, because I have been having a hard time with these ones. Number 3, missionaries were being stupid and tried to boss me how to work my area and join their secret combination, and as you know I have big beef with people trying to tell me how to live me life if they aren't teaching me a correct principal. They wanted me to shun a member of the church who I invited to help me with my missionary work, for reasons that were the missionary's fault. 

Which led to me having huge debate with my zone leaders last night for like 12 minutes on the phone, and since I won on every point of the debate they had me call up the chain where I then had to contend with the assistants for 14 minutes until I bashed them to pieces on the argument and they had me call president even though all of my questions were answered and i now understood their point of view and was living accordingly to the rule, but since they couldn't beat me they had me call president where we debated for 20 minutes. 

That discussion then turned to him trying to debate with me as well and I destroyed his argument which ticked him off and caused him to go off on how I don't understand a topic I wasn't even talking about, and how I need to obey him anyways..... But he wouldn't listen, it was the way I presented it the first time that set him off. I ended that boss battle by shutting up and letting him rant for several minutes and then thanked him and told him to have a good night, since I am not guilty I just stopped and let him prove his point that I wasn't concerned about.

So yup I have successfully ticked off every one except my companion because he actually understands and gave me the time of day with out trying to debate with me unlike every one else. That night I realized it was my freakin prayers!!!!!!! I hate praying for Christlike attributes! I always pray for him to just give me the gift without the effort or pain, it never works! I wish all people could listen and understand like people who know and love me do. I am sick of missionaries! 
Does any one else miss their mom?
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't worry I am not a demon child
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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