Monday, February 9, 2015

Wampa Fodder.

I have gained a very strong testimony of several different things this week.

I have a strong testimony that when you see a bus fishtailing around the corner towards you, you need to get away.

My testimony of how gross cockroaches are has also gained immensely, when you end up crushing 10 one after another just by bouncing your leg to the music in your head... 

I have a testimony on having a really clean and orderly house, If you in order to move into a new house have to get out rakes from the back yard to pick every thing up...

I have a very strong testimony of people going to jail...=p VERY STRONG

One thing i have found very interesting about being up here is that every one and their dog asks us to pray for them or for some one. We get calls every other week asking for us to do that, and when we door knock too people will ask us to pray for them or their relatives after we offer if we can do anything for them, I can never remember the people who they ask me to pray for so I normally say ok "we'll do it right here right now wanna join" and normally if were door knocking I will say how grateful I am for a living prophet who has restored the gospel of Jesus Christ upon the earth, or knowing about how our families can live together throughout eternity, about the book of mormon. I seem to be really grateful in those  moments for those things when those people want to slam the door on us. =p 
We had a FHE last week and a less active member while playing UNO put down a draw 4 on Elder Adams and he only had one card left, I died when he said "OPE! Who did that!" I didn't even use that phrase in front of him yet.

So I was out in Gaylord this week on trade offs which I loved but the problem was i missed 6 lessons in that time and then they got out late from the last appointment so they couldn't make it back in time so I stayed in Gaylord another day. Because of that I feel like I haven't been here in a month so much happened in that little amount of time! But While I was out in Gaylord I was driving us down to Grayling it was about 4 degrees outside with out windchill and humidity which really means it was below 0 some where. Well we were driving down the road and this garbage truck comes and mud flies out from underneath the vehicle and goes straight into my windshield. Because it was so cold it froze immediately. I tried to squirt the windshield with water but part of the water froze coming out so i just spilled all over the hood of the jeep and froze. Windshield whippers took off all of the chunks after a while but in order to see I had to stick my head to the ceiling or to the wheel both of which were super uncomfortable for that long drive. I would have pulled over but all that was there was the ditch on the side of the road and trees all covered with snow so it wasn't worth it. after we got to Grayling i got the ice scraper out and cleaned the window and got the water squirting again. On the drive back it was a little scary to think of how close together the lanes are at several points with how little I could actually see.

This week on Friday we get to go down to Mt. Pleasant and Elder Nash from the 70 is coming to give us training, Me and Elder Adams were asked to preform our arrangement of " Savior Redeemer of My Soul" for it =p Only problem though is we need to be on the road by 4am, and we will be picking up several other Elders so I probably wont get to much sleep.

I love the straight up Gander trucks you see around here where it has rusted so much that you can see through the tailgate and the car door is 1/3 gone. I got to ride in one this week. It was a really big one with only 2 wheel drive and with all the snow that we had and was still coming down the roads were super slick and we fishtailed at every single corner and it would have to get to 40 mph before the car would actually get enough traction to gain speed. Watching it back up was so cool! only the right wheel was getting traction and the left one was spinning at 25mph freely. But it was very scary to ride in it.

We got another referral from Utah this week for a family that is ready to be baptized =p. the only catch is they are like 50 miles away from Alpena and only 20 away from Gaylord so even though it's our area it's so much more reasonable for them to go and teach them. That and some of the members who live out in their same city are going to the Gaylord branch.

Forgive me but I have so many notes that I wrote down that I do not remember at all so I don't know what I was going to tell you about the "Ipod in my feet" i don't even know what that refers to or means. 

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!!! Don't get shot or eaten by a Wampa!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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