Monday, February 16, 2015

Trinity Busting!

We have this one investigator who has done nothing but Bible bash with us (which is pretty easy when you are with the true church) but we hate doing it so much! We really tried to not do it at all last time but he still went in trying to prove us wrong reading out of his Lutheran pages or what not. We tried to come back but he decided that the only way he would meet with us is if we prove him wrong about the trinity and how they are all 3 separate beings using only the bible in a letter to him... OH MAN! CHECK MATE!

I started finding scriptures for this guys letter and I got some really good ammo from the .50 cal. And yesterday some one else really wanted us to explain the Godhead to us and then some one else, but since i never wrote those scriptures in the .50 cal I said we'd come back and help them understand and show them examples. But as of today the .50 cal is locked and loaded!

I saw a snowplow hit a stop sign =p

You know things are real when your Broken thermostat out side (which is normally 15-20 degrees higher that what it really is) is at 0 degrees... In fact it was -33 with windchill, who knew it was even legal to cancel church. We had a sacrament meeting but all members of the branch who live far out were told  to not try to make the trip, we had 13 people at church not including missionaries and more than half were investigators and less actives we'd worked with =p. None of the speakers even came to church so we had like a testimony meeting where every one talked about their favorite hymns and then we would sing that hymn.

On thursday I was on trade offs in Gaylord and you know it's bad when it's the heat of the day at -10 with out wind and that was killer! We door knocked for like 2 hours in that stuff. we Then had a sleep over with the Elders from The Sault Ste. Marie, because we were all car pooling to the training.

On friday we went down to Mt. Pleasant to hear Elder Nash of the 70 give us some training. Turns out there was the Lansing zone there as well which I really enjoyed. That was really cool, and i think i mentioned it before that they asked me and Elder Adams to sing our song for it so we did. 
It was really really good I was a little shaky though and didn't hold my notes as long as I should have at times but we still had people in tears. that training was so much fun! It was super healthy talking to you know the like 4 missionaries I actually know in this mission that aren't from my MTC district But Sister Thor was there so that was good.

On saturday it was so cold that they made they whole mission stay in the houses until 12 and then we were told not to door knock and were given permission to drive cars after 12 O'clock But of course it didn't even matter to us because when you do weekly planning for 21 people it takes ages! Our day was basically done for after that.

Back on the subject of Sunday, HOLY! that day was just so weird, actually these past 4 days have been really far out! We picked up 7 new investigators just yesterday... And only one of them did we do ourselves. And we also taught 6 lessons back to back to back. Does any one else miss their mom? No. Ok. 
But there is really nothing to complain about at all other than the fact that i don't get to go door knocking, which is always super weird and exciting at times. But now our predicament is we some how need to be able to meet up with all of these people regularly so they progress. For realizes I don't even want A P-day today I just want to Teach. We went shopping today and I literally had no need to buy anything at all (except a super bright hunters orange tie for a comp. tie) We are so pack full of food and juice and all this other non perishable foods that it's unbelievable. I still have my frozen gallon of milk I got last week in the freezer.

Basically we need another set of missionaries up here because we have already been giving the W's teaching appointments so we can tackle several places at once. (Pray for sisters! Jk who said that) We are getting transfer calls this week as well and I really don't want to leave here, there are several other potentials that need to become investigators  who only know me and it would be weirder for other missionaries to get their trust. I had a dream last week that I'd be training here, maybe it's just wishful thinking though.  But we are teaching 20 different households, and the investigator number is not including children or teenagers unless the investigator is a teenager. 

We met with one of our investigators this week and she had a million questions for us and she asked us " so where can i buy Mormon Garments"... ha ha, her friend that was over at the time asked "why do you both wear rings on you pointer finger?" she thought it was a Mormon thing i guess.

I have a strong testimony about Llama sweaters, putting names in the temple prayer roll, being able to spend time with other missionaries (minus alot of the Elders can't really hold a real conversation with out having to use scripture or quote a prophet or try to teach you like a investigator)  

 I must be getting acclimated to the cold or something because really this even isn't that bad I was in 3 gloves and what not just a few months ago.  Hamilton, there must be a disturbance in the force or something because I have cut back my layers alot! really the only time I am really cold is when i get in the car in the morning.
I miss my mom, I miss my dad, and I miss my hammer! ha ha (Will)
Love you all stay warm ;)
don't get shot, stay away from crazy cat ladies that want you to pray that their son goes to jail ( not a part of last weeks letter)

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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