Monday, January 26, 2015

"What did they do?"‏

There is a less active member here who doesn't tell dates by the time of A.D or B.C., she actually tells time by B.E. and A.E. Before Elvis and after Elvis ha ha ha=p no but for reals we were teaching her and her nonmember daughter and when ever there was a date or some thing she would ask was that before Elvis? =p

I think it's really funny here every one starts freaking out if there is a clear sky and the sun is up and they start talking about how it makes them so happy and how it makes every thing so beautiful. Because when I see a clear sky and I am driving all i think is " That thin is freaking blinding me!" People up here don't like cloudy days but I love em it makes me want to go out and do stuff. But i guess thats what happens when you grow up in Arizona and all the sun ever does is blind you and get you hot. People are always so shocked that I don't immediately take off my coat and my hats and my gloves and my scarf when I get in a house I normally just keep it all on until I have to take any of it off, Apparently the heat from doing that bothers alot of people, I just think of it as normal being used to being warmer than this.

It's not even cold here though after a while in the low weather you adjust to it and it doesn't really bother you unless the wind is crazy. I think it's really funny when the cold makes your nose hairs freeze together ha ha=p. 

It's also really fun trying to be like Legolas how he can walk straight on top of the snow with out falling in, alot of the snow on the side of the road has warmed up and froze harder so it's possible to do that in some places but if your not gentle you will still fall in.

Elder Adams says that I have the gift of tongues.  There's more to this story but it'll have to wait.

So we were out door knocking on Lockwood and it was a pretty good day so far and we were enthusiastic and had the spirit with us and we started knocking and every house on the street invited us to come back for a appointment except for like 3 people (not including the ones where no one answered). =p 

We have picked up like 4 more investigators this week as well. We haven't even contacted all of our investigators yet but we already have 12 teaching appointments with our current investigators not including the people we door knocked into who set up a specific time right then or other potentials. WE HAVEN"T EVEN CALLED EVERY ONE YET!

I have been living on a budget for the past few weeks. So far in my MSF account I have around 300 give or take I'm not sure I haven't done the math on my watch yet. And if I can keep up the budget that I am using right now where I still am getting the things I need and want I will have over $1200 by the end of my mission to send back to help other missionaries. I have been learning how to cook and experimenting with things since we have tons of things in our cupboards that Members gave us that no missionary knows how to cook and even with us not being fed as much by members I am still saving and eating well.

I slip on ice like 7 times a day, i haven't ever fell, but i normally end up letting out a girly squeal.

The members here are now getting super involved in missionary work we are now getting referrals and they are inviting their friends to learn about he Gospel. We now even have out branch mission leader super motivated and getting members to be that way too. We got a call a few days ago saying "we have a new investigator for you... shes accepted to learn from you" =p 

So Hamilton you know how you told me about using FHE as a way to start finding Investigators. Well that was exactly what I needed. For like 2 months I have had a thought in the back of my mind that I couldn't just figure out how to apply. My thought was how did the church grow so quickly when it first was restored. I believe that people then were super prepared but I believe that very same thing is happening right here right now and it was just a matter of getting it started. I was watching several videos on how the church started and the facts behind it (D&C videos) and it always seemed that Joseph or other missionaries were teaching "Multitudes" of people at once. 
I then read the story of Dan Jones during my lunch break and saw how they put things in the newspapers and members went around like crazy inviting people to learn and giving them "tracts". So that thought came up Well i can do that, but i still didn't know how to effectively apply the teaching multitudes. Well then you told me to use FHE as a way to do it and then I told my companion and since we just keep receiving inspiration on what to do to teach multitudes. FHE would be the way you get members, less actives and investigators to all join together for a FHE. that way it would reactivate, fellow ship, teach, give people a reason to go to church, motivate members to invite their Friends to learn and it would provide a relaxed environment for people to accept taking the discussions with us, 
I have a list written that covers like 42 other positive impacts by doing this. And since there is 2 sets of missionaries here we can go on splits and cover 4 FHE's at once to teach and get appointments for later in the week and then keep that process going and growing. And here in the Alpena branch area is a perfect place for this idea because there is members, less actives, and investigators that all live in the same cities that would benefit from it (only a few of the far out cities don't have investigators...YET, thats what the members are for though) 

In True to the Faith it really throws down on FHE (I stumbled upon that during my studies this week) and says that every one even if they don't have a family needs to be having FHE.

It's just like when Jesus went to the spirit world he didn't teach every one in his short 3 days there, what he did is organize his forces to get that all working (see D&C 138:29-31)
And thats what we'd be doing and we got our branch mission leader super pumped about this yesterday and he shot the idea (with out us) to the branch president and he really liked it and then several members jumped on the idea and started a FHE group right then and there. we have 3 so far here 2 with members and investigators and Less actives going.(the other one is studying PMG this time and then inviting later) We just need to motivate and set it up so that it happens all over the area. Kinda like how BYU (I think, i don't really know) has FHE groups we are just trying to get that started in every city of the area and several for city depending. 

So far it's been nothing more than anything that I did in Stuco. Get the president in on it. Have "committees" or groups of people arranged who would work together and get a head to lead it out. Talk about Refreshments, games, and lesson (other things like song... as well). This is all stuff i did in school! 

One of the transfer goals me and Elder Adams set was to get something in the newspaper just like Dan Jones did (advertising). We never really voiced that goal to any one at all and yesterday a member showed us the newspaper and it was a whole half page about LDS Missionaries! None of us did it! it was about some missionaries in like Missouri and it some how made the Alpena news!?!?! It talked about sacrifices Missionaries make and what their daily life is like.

Oh man the church is so true! The miracles that we are seeing here is unreal, at this rate if this continues to happen then this mission district will become a stake. Things like this is starting to happen at Gaylord too and we keep telling them all of our crazy things and ideas. 

 Bye I love you have a good day! Don't get shot! Or die on ice!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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