Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Temple Tuesday

So the only time you don't tell me to "don't get shot" I am heading down to Detroit for the day... ha ha jk I won't get shot.

So we got a new mission rule where we are now allowed to go to the temple twice a year for our selves and once a month with recent converts and Less actives who we activate. So We are heading down to Detroit with the Sr. Missionaries today and going to the session for all of the missionaries who are leaving the mission. When ever you go to the temple that becomes your P-day so sorry if I made you freak out or something mom =p.

From wearing my snow boots so much I now have little callouses on the top of my pinky toes.

So I went to district meeting and Elder E (sr. Missionary over in Gaylord) jumps up and starts flipping a biscuit (a good one of course) and starts telling me how his grandson was serving with Hamilton down in chile! Small world.

I have now witnessed the negative degrees, during the heat of the day.

I have told you about some of the miracles that I have been seeing but this week topped them all. I cannot tell you how many I have been a part of and the best part of it all is not me or my companion who is doing them AT ALL! In one day we taught 7 first lessons and placed 6 book of mormons and set return appointments with 4 people and there are others who want us to follow up with them. And it's in times like these that We are like horrible at doorknocking and actually doing things that these miracles are happening. 

We were out i was wearing my thermals my jogging pants (the material stops wind from cutting you with cold) and my church pants 3 pairs of socks (wool for 1) 3 pairs of gloves (takes ages to put on) hood, two hats, scarf over my face..... any ways basically only my eyes were showing. ha ah thats not even part of the story I started to tell at all. 

We were out doorknocking and we knocked a whole street and didn't even get to say more than like 4 words at any door. And we knocked on this one guys house and the same thing happened and he started telling me how much of a devout catholic he is and how his friends would whoop out a shot gun if we met them. and we turned away after we knew there was no point and he paused and said "would you guys like a warm meal?" we were a little shocked before i let out a "um.....Yes please" 
It turns out that he started cooking some food and when it was finished the meal multiplied far beyond what he put in the oven, he had too much food to deal with (kinda like how Jesus feed like a million and a half with one fish or somethin) and he didn't know how he was going to have it all not go to waste and so he let us in and he fed us it was good he was super worried that it was way to spicy for us but Ganders don't even understand spicy really compared to some things back in the motherland. 
And in that time we had really good conversations and I strung the conversations into the Restoration lesson and he opposed the things we were teaching him at first (elder a was still eating)  I started bearing testimony that made him feel the spirit and seemed to soften his heart. Oh man I felt like Elder Holland in that lesson, I was super straight up with him, and he would try to bash us but I stood up to him super boldly (dang it now i feel like I am boasting) and I would bear testimony to him. At the end of our time there he committed to reading the Book of Mormon and he was offering to give us rides places and to have us over for dinner again. a devout catholic =p 

I have a strong testimony about Family home evening.
We had that Family home evening with that guy and his family that I talked about last week and oh my goodness that was so much fun! We started by watching some specific bible videos about Christ and then we started teaching The gospel of Jesus Christ and then I whooped out one of my favorite scripture in the Book of mormon about the GOJC and c then asked me where that scripture was from and then Elder and Sister W went crazy talking about the book of mormon and how it came to be. and by the time they were done C asked me for a Book of Mormon and he had tears in his eyes and was super happy. He told me I have to come back on Wednesday after work so we can talk about it more. We then played a game of charades where teams acted out bible stories and the other team had to guess it (c's idea) Man that was hilarious it was so much fun.

I gave a talk in church on sunday they asked me to speak for 10 minutes but i knew I had to speak for more i just kept receiving inspiration on what to talk about. By the time Sunday came the other two speakers who were assigned to speak with me were called by the district president and told to stay home because he felt like they shouldn't make the trip that day. So I had all of sacrament meeting to speak really. I spoke for 35 minutes with out even breaking a sweat ha ha. Oh man it was good i spoke on why the atonement is necessary and how we use it and how we need to share it by being missionaries (basically all from PMG and confrence talks). 
I bore testimony at the end and really the only part of that I remember is "I am only a 18 year old boy from Mesa arizona where the low is 55 and the high is 71 degrees.... (I looked it up right before) But i know with every fiber of my body and soul that.....
After I sat down President E stood up and bore a really good testimony about the things that I taught and  then we sang a song and bro C came up for the closing prayer and bore testimony about the things I said and how he is excited to see how "powerful his testimony is when I am 55 and a apostle" ha ha.

I heard from some one yesterday that Jesus smoked weed..........
I'm not sure that is sound doctrine on how it's acceptable for you to smoke weed.

We got S the investigator who got baptized to start a family home evening group and invite people over to it. He couldn't get any of the members of the church to go but he got his friend who isn't a member to go. I taught the lesson and he told me how he once took lessons with the missionaries but he stopped because he wasn't comfortable with the people at church and the new missionaries after the 2 got transferred. So I figured well i guess i just have to get super tight with him. TURNS OUT HE IS A MMA FIGHTER!!! ha ha he is a new investigator =p.
Ya as soon as S said something about him doing a cage fight we became like best friends to where he was giving me slack in Uno and not bombarding me with draw two's. I am going to be a Pro at Uno by the time I am home I swear, I have played it for FHE like 12 times.  He goes by George of the Jungle when he is fighting, and he has tried to call out several professional fighters (I can't remember who at the moment but it's one of Will's favorite fighters) He has a thing against BJJ just because he tried to muscle out of a armbar and because of the way he tried to do it he had to get shoulder surgery. Hes all about the Ground and pound style of fighting. He never really was trained at a place other than for wrestling but hes from Detroit so ha ha. Ya i didn't even ask if we could teach him after the closing prayer he started telling me his phone number and when he is available for us to come over to teach. He then asked me after he gets baptized what does he have to do with him tattoos. =p  

I went door knocking yesterday and the first door that answered invited us in and it turns out he was a former investigator and as soon as we sat down he started filling this brown paper bag with venison that he just shot and "really spicy" hot sauce =p. And he gave us a day and a time for us to come over without us even asking him. 

Miracles like what i have been experiencing this week given a lot of meaning to the Standard of truth "...but the work will go forth boldly, nobly, and independently..."

A referral we had just died it was that 91 year old man who was a paratrooper in the very first division ever in the USA. he did 50 pushups every day until like 2 months ago. 

Because of all of the FHE's we've been doing we now are only down to like 4 packs of oreo's, every one and their dog gave us oreos during Christmas for some reason.=p I can't complain though about anything at all, i love every single bit of what is happening here.

Oh by the way i didn't get transferred if you didn't pick up on that yet.=p

God is great, Deer is good, and Ganders are crazy =p
Bye love you don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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