Monday, January 5, 2015

God is great, Gingerale is good, and Ganders are crazy!‏

Michiganders are crazy!

I was driving to Atlanta to go and do trade backs and we get hit by a blizzard snow is coming from every where, we can't see out of any window, and the visibility of the road is limited to 5 feet in front of the Jeep there was snow EVERY WHERE! and it came super suddenly too so I was going maybe 50 when we were hit by it and sliding, and you are literally driving into nothing, I had no clue of anything at all no lines on the road, no road reflectors, no street lights out there in the woods, oh man that was super scary my speed dropped dramatically when we got in that because I could be going straight into who knows what in a manner of seconds. And as I am driving through this some freaking Gander kicks it into 4 wheel drive (I assume) and passes me at like 50 miles a hour and then all i see is his tail lights fish tailing and then disappear in the distance... From me talking to people, alot of Ganders have some type of God complex when they kick it into 4 wheel drive and they end up in the trees or the pit. Just yesterday there was 4 deaths in Michigan because of driving in the snow.

It's also really funny because when it snows all of the lines in parking lots no longer are valid parking places, people park where ever they want i saw a guy today park straight in the middle of 4 parallel parking spaces not parallel at all, people just romp straight on the side walk and park, and every one who can't see the lines in parking lots just make a guess at where they used to be and every one else will try to line up with them and they get way off of where the lines were. Also with the Lines for the roads those all the sudden are non existent as well you basically drive where you can see the two lines from all of the previous drivers who went the same direction as you are going so you can see where the double yellow lines are totally being driven on top of and passed because every one follows the same tracks so you don't slide around. Driving in snow is very interesting, very funny, and scary when the snow is just dumping on you.(it's 3 degrees F up here, not including the ripping wind, But it's sunny =p)    

But Oh man all of the driving I am doing up here is making me a pro at driving distances I drive about 1300 miles a month and I ride a bike maybe 40 if I am lucky ( I love the bikes, minus it's not fun romping over snowbanks in a beach cruiser, It just takes off your chain every 3 times you do it) I am going to be a champ at driving to places like Showlow because of my mission. 
Did you know Michigan has it's own Christmas song, it's a classic up here it's something along the lines of "Da Yoopers Rusty Chevrolet" I haven’t heard it but I hear it's funny.

So i lost my name tag like a month ago, It was my magnet one, I have been using my pocked one and clipping it on the outside of my coat and it tends to be side ways of upside down because of the places I have to put it, and I was about to reorder one on thursday and then that day I went over to a investigators house and he was like "Look what I found in the middle of my yard" and there it was, it was super random, It was a miracle in it's self that he found that in the snow in his big yard let alone all of the places it could have been lost in that time period.
While in that lesson he realized that I was swaying (unintentionally) to the super quiet music that his wife was listening to in the other room and he asked me if I knew that song and oh man we got in a super good conversation about that type of music. I don't know what song that was but it was one that Dad loves and that helped him open up so much because he basically likes everything that Dad likes we talked about the Beatles, Styx, Boston...... that type of music. Talking about all of that really helped him feel comfortable around us and be alot more open with his questions and concerns.

I was fed Crab for new years MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!!!! that was so good! had to break the shell and every thing, then we had like butterfly cut venison the next day.

I do not want to be transferred this week I am praying that I don't have to leave because things here are Picking up!!! and we keep picking up families to teach for reals if we baptise all of our investigators that we just got in this last transfer we would have 20 baptisms. I am seeing loads of miracles! And i really, REALLY want to see all of them continue to progress. 

Yesterday I needed a good start to the day so I went to the Glory rack and picked my tie. Oh and that showed in the rest of that day ha ha ha. I was thinking about C and C during sacrament meeting. They are two neighbours who I talked to during my second week in Alpena and we all bore testimony to each other and We had both of them crying after we were done bearing out testimonies (well just the longboard story for me) and they really wanted to have a FHE with us after that and I have called several times but there must have been a bad number because It never worked and we didn't write down their address so we could come back. But I forgot about them until I was in their neighbourhood later that day and I remembered where their house was and I knocked on the door and Big C opened the door and he started freaking out just like really funny and then he told me that his neighbour C was talking to him two day before and he mentioned that we never had that FHE together and they were really wondering how they could get ahold of us.=p and then we knock on their door =p. OH man ! The church is so true! Plus his family is like the only black family you will find in all of Alpena.   

DANG IT!!! I still have like 3 more miracle stories to tell!
I gotta go Bye I love You! 

-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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